lame duck

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Column by Jim Flynn 12-24-2010

Twas the weak before Christmas

By Jim Flynn

T’was the week before Christmas in the well of the House; not a speaker was spouting, not even a grouch. Their stockings were hung at the Treasury with care, in hope St. Bernanke soon would be there.

House members were anxious to be home in their beds, with sweet dreams of pensions filling their heads.

The speaker and leader were trading their caps, but they weren’t quite yet ready for a truce and a nap. Then out on the Mall there arose a great clatter, and they sprang from their places to see what was the matter.

Lame duck sessions

Should lame duck sessions of Congress be eliminated by Constitutional amendment?

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A South Marion Citizen editorial

Flock voted out these lame ducks

Sometimes in politics, things happen that only a Consitutional amendment will solve.
That's the case with what's been going on in Congress the past couple of weeks.
It's called a lame duck session.
A little history here: According to Wikipedia, the phrase was coined in the 18th Century at the London Stock Exchange to refer to brokers who couldn't pay their debts. It alludes to a wounded duck who can't keep up with his flock, and therefore is more easily subject to predators.

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