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Nugent won't seek re-election

U.S. Rep Rich Nugent, R-Brooksville, announced Monday that he will not seek re-election. He outlined his reasons for stepping down in the following news release:

“It is with decidedly mixed emotions that I am announcing today that I will not be seeking another term in Congress. 

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Column by Jim Flynn

Congress is a club for exceptional people

Most Congress people arrive in Washington with ordinary backgrounds and an agenda of noble intentions to do good for constituents and the nation.
It doesn’t take long however for Congress people to become exceptional. To some extent it’s not their fault. It may be an effect of ingesting Washington air and water.

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Column by Jim Flynn

Still looking for someone else to blame

The mission of the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) is to provide nonpartisan analyses of government proposals, as well as information and estimates for the Congressional budget process. The CBO has been very busy lately, after two and a half years during which Congress and the White House were doing unlimited spending and not bothering with fussy budgets.
CBO takes no political positions. Simply stated, CBO calls ‘em as it sees ‘em. They make every effort to maintain their reputation for impartiality.

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Column by Jim Flynn

Congressional concerns over fish and wildlife

Remember Earmarks? That’s a harmless sounding name for a sophisticated form of political corruption.
Earmarks are directions from members of Congress telling agencies to spend funds on pet projects, organizations, and companies or to provide exemptions from taxes and fees.
Campaign contributors and supporters are frequent beneficiaries of earmarked spending.
Responding to press and public pressure during the last election, incoming House Republicans pledged a moratorium on earmarks.
It turned out the moratorium had only one ear.

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A South Marion Citizen editorial

Keep politics out of re-districting

The Florida House and Senate redistricting committees on Monday begin hosting the first round of joint public meetings. The Florida Legislature redraws state and congressional districts every 10 years following the publication of the U.S. Census.

Members of the public will have several opportunities to make their vision for redistricting known to committee members.

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Column by Jim Flynn

Congress searching for a painless problem solver

For 20 years, Congress and the White House have pretended they were doing something about the mass migration of unidentified immigrants crossing our southern border. Quite the contrary. Washington was deliberately doing nothing.

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Letter to the editor by Jerry Segovis

Bad government decisions

The Republicans have shown their true goal and focus toward the least affluent seniors by concentrating their efforts to reduce Social Security and Medicare by cutting back on these two necessary programs. Their very existence has allowed our retirees to feed and clothe themselves, to lead a fruitful life and contribute to the American society in general.

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Column by Jim Flynn 12-24-2010

Twas the weak before Christmas

By Jim Flynn

T’was the week before Christmas in the well of the House; not a speaker was spouting, not even a grouch. Their stockings were hung at the Treasury with care, in hope St. Bernanke soon would be there.

House members were anxious to be home in their beds, with sweet dreams of pensions filling their heads.

The speaker and leader were trading their caps, but they weren’t quite yet ready for a truce and a nap. Then out on the Mall there arose a great clatter, and they sprang from their places to see what was the matter.

Lame duck sessions

Should lame duck sessions of Congress be eliminated by Constitutional amendment?

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Letter to the editor by D.I. Larson

You be the judge

President Obama just tried to sell the new tax package using this proviso.

A reduction in the tax rate deducted from workers paychecks. It will allow workers to keep about $1,000 per year of their own wages.

Wow! Oh, boy. Yippee, Hip, hip, hooray! Dance a dance of joy. Workers are allowed by our generous government to keep their own wages. What a magnanimous gesture.

What is wrong with this picture? Is there some kind of disconnect between taxpayers, voters, citizens, and bureaucrats?

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