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Column by Jim Clark

Christmas: Stores start early, finish early

If you see a dozen or so drummers wandering the streets, you might want to see if you can lend them a hand. After all, recent events have left them trying to figure out whether the beat goes on.

It’s very simple … the large retail stores, particularly the chains, have determined that the 12 days of Christmas no longer exist. They are now pretty much just the weeks before Christmas, and that’s it.

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Visitors get a greeting when they pull up

'Santa' watches the gate at Pine Run

By Michel Northsea

Santa Claus doesn’t just deliver toys faster than the speed of light on Christmas evening ---  he also works the security gate at Pine Run.

Or at least he was last Wednesday, on the 3 to 11 p.m. shift, just days before he was scheduled to make his yearly whirlwind tour of the world.

On the other nights he works the gate he is known as Dave Sanders, a resident of Pine Run.

Those coming through the gate during his shift were greeted with a cheery wave and perhaps a treat of homemade cookies.

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Just joking around on Christmas Eve

Pun Alley 12-24-2010

By Dick Frank

Tonight is Christmas Eve. By now your shopping should be over and parents and grandparents worn to a frazzle. While kids anxiously await the arrival of Santa Claus, take a break, relax and wander down Pun Alley for some punny stories.

A kid’s vision

A youngster drew a Christmas scene that showed Santa, sleigh and reindeer. There were the regular eight and Rudolph plus a strange looking tenth animal. The addition looked like a cross between a reindeer and a cow with a green nose. The youngster explained that it was Olive, the udder reindeer.

Ocala Christmas Parade

Should the Ocala Christmas parade be held earlier in the day, and should people be allowed to place chairs along the Boulevard days in advance?

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