• Now is a great time for all Americans who rightly believe that the president’s Democratic National Health Care Plan is not the one for the majority of Americans to take full advantage of the month ahead while Congress is in recess. We used our abilities to convince a majority of the Senate to not follow the government’s line and vote for the health plan prior to their going out for 30 days. Now is the time to step up the pressure, not one to sit back on our laurels, for we haven’t won anything yet.

  • In the past few weeks the Citizen and its sister papers have been running a series about the effects of the economy on local businesses.

    You couldn’t help reading into that series that it is essential for all of us to “buy local.”

    In a few cases that might mean buying from the big chain stores in our area because the items are hard to come by elsewhere.

  • The following was written by Ara Darzi, a former minister of health and a practicing NHS surgeon, chair of surgery at Imperial College in London and Britain’s ambassador for health and life sciences, and Tom Kibasi, an honorary lecturer at Imperial College. They can be reached at a.darzi@imperial.ac.uk and t.kibasi@imperial.ac.uk.

    Used with permission. Could not be improved upon.

  • Start serving

    the people

    To President Obama, Congress and all other decision-makers in Washington, D.C.:

    I first want to address the issue of putting aside the issue of illegal immigrants. If you start with their impact on this nation you realize how it affects every American citizen, with Social Security, Medicare, health care, hospitals, schools, prisons, energy, transportation, city, county, state and federal welfare systems – everything about our way of life, on and on.

  • The cutting-edge stuff like the new physics is a turn-on. Not too long ago the view of physics was very prosaic. At that time we didn’t know about gluons, or quarks or any of the other particles that exist in nature, or much about the nature of the universe. And today it seems that the ideas that occupied us 50 years ago weren’t even on the drawing board, much less bandied about in meeting rooms and gathering places for young Turks seeking to remake the world – or at least make it better.

  • Driving east on State Road 200 about 5 p.m. last Friday, motorists came upon a sheriff’s deputy who was conducting a traffic stop just west of 66th Street. The deputy had a pickup truck stopped, the truck was entirely off the road on the sidewalk and the police cruiser had two wheels on the bike lane. The flashing lights were visible from at least a half-mile away.

    Nobody moved over.

    I shouldn’t’ say nobody. One of us did.

    Apparently people were more concerned about making the right turn on 66th than they were about the law.

  • Police presence


    I am writing this letter not as an angry resident but as a confused professional. I am a retired New York police officer who was assigned to the traffic division in Manhattan for almost 20 years — so I feel that my observations are valid.

  • There you go — doing it again!

  • This column will probably ruin a lot of our readers’ weekend to start with, because it contains some of the proposed Democratic National Health Care plans, rules and regulations of the Democratic House. Nothing is written in concrete yet as the Senate version of their bill won’t be considered until September, when both Houses meet again. The House approved this one version of their bill last month. So the best you can get out of this, as submitted, simply shows you the way the Democratic left is thinking with a half dozen or so Republicans.

  • Next week marks the start of one of my least favorite distractions while driving. School starts on Aug. 24, and that means school zones and school buses.

    First of all, there are school zones. Some of them I can live with. They’re right in front of a school where little kids might be crossing the road.

    However, I don’t remember school zones when I was a little kid. Maybe that’s because my parents got me to school every day.

    Parents responsible for getting their kids to school … what a concept.

  • As I write this, I’m sitting at home watching The Weather Channel (does that say something about my exciting life?) and one of the “experts” came on and said something that frightened me: “What could be the season’s first tropical storm might be forming in the eastern Atlantic.”

    Now that sentence is filled with “could be” and “might be,” but it’s still something that wakes you up a little …  we’re in the heart of hurricane season.

  • Why pay for it

    if we can’t get it?

    You and I pay for the best comprehensive, and I mean best comprehensive health care in the world. Not like the one we have. We can’t get it even though we pay for it.

    Congress has it, paid for by you and me, they have had it for years. It’s free to them. It’s paid by our taxes collected by the government.

    If Congress thinks it is no good for you and me, why is it good for Congress? When will Congress allow us the same health care they already have? I’m holding my breath.

  • Overlooking is the secret of friendship.

  • In a posting on her Facebook account, former Gov. Sarah Palin (R-AK) made a ridiculous and sickening statement about health care reform that it would result in an Obama-created “death panel.” Supposedly her little boy, who has Down syndrome will be killed, along with others like him and the senior citizens had better watch out that they’re not turned into Soylent Green. This insanity is the United States of America in the 21st century.

  • It’s time to say welcome to the president’s America, not exactly un-America or anti-America, but  best described as “disAmerica.” This better describes the revolutionary intent of his actions.

  • There are certainly no turkeys in this operation. There’s no pole from the second floor, either.

    The firefighters of Friendship Station 21 moved into their new digs last week. A crowd of area residents came out to celebrate in the boiling August heat as a short dedication ceremony was held.

    The station is a newly constructed relocation of the facility that was directly on State Road 200, and the old station, at least part of it, was once a turkey processing plant.

    This one is more like prime rib and salad.

  • There are always people out there who want your money …  without having to earn it. Hardly a day goes by when you don’t read about someone who “lost their life savings” to a con man or some sort of fly-by-night organization.

    We’ve come across a couple in the past week. Here are some details.

    The first information came from Richard Lasher, who submitted the following information:

    “Perhaps by printing this information other seniors will not be taken in and lose money to a con man.

  • According to the National Fire Protection Association, in 2007, U.S. hospital emergency rooms treated an estimated 9,800 people for fireworks related injuries; 56 percent of these injuries were to the extremities and 36 percent were to the head. The risk of fireworks injury was two and a half times as high for children ages five to 14, than it was for the general population.

    Celebrate safely this Independence Day. Protect yourself and your family.

  • This VCR should make

    you stop and think

    With our country in the throes of financial, political and military problems, a little humor might help keep things in perspective.

     A few years ago, veteran actor Hal Holbrook gave a solo stage performance where he used only material from the writings and historical accounts of Mark Twain. The performance was taped and Holbrook gave many incidents and stories about the life and times of the world renowned author. In one short segment on the tape, Twain comes out in defense of Satan; the Devil himself.

  • Secure in faith

    There have been several writers who have commented on the United States as a “Christian nation” – or not. I don’t usually comment on matters of religion, but the “door has been opened,” so I’ll walk in.