• Over the years, I’ve seen a lot of doctors and received prescriptions for a lot of medication.

    What usually happens, though, is that the insurance company wants you to get a 90-day supply and save money that way.

    It’s hard to tell, though, how many times doctors change a patient’s prescription before the 90 days is up, resulting in leftover medication.

    Being one of those people, I have those little prescription bottles all over the bedroom, some going back years.

  • A wise man said when one brings “race” into an equation, accusing others of being racist, the one doing the talking is usually the racist. How illogical and totally irresponsible to suggest town hall meetings, tea parties, or anyone who disagrees with the Obama Administration is racist. This is especially disgraceful when coming from those who should know better. It is our right to question this president’s policies or anyone in government, a responsibility we have as Americans. Protests have nothing to do with race!

  • The Republican Party staunchly opposed Medicare 40 years ago. If it hadn’t been for Democrats you wouldn’t have Medicare today.

    If you believe all government programs are bad, what about Social Security, Medicare, the post office, the armed forces. How would you like all of them run by the Republican Party?

    People are dying now because if benefits are paid it cuts into bonuses for executives. They call it the American Way. Obama’s bill will change this. That’s why Republicans are against it.

  • I am addressing an article published in your July 3, 2009, issue, written by Capt. Pam Driggers who was with the Friendship Fire Station 21, now taken over by Capt. Clifford Grier.

    The article titled “Why does the big red fire truck respond to medical emergencies?” is attempting to justify the use of a fire truck to accompany an EMS ambulance for every emergency and 9-1-1 call.

    I understand the need in some instances where a fire may be involved in a home and accident condition, or cases where the caller did not make clear the nature of the emergency call.

  • It seems that daily as we are able to obtain more and more information from various sources regarding our government administration (none from the major news media), the news just get worse. It’s unbelievable how our country is being destroyed in numerous ways. The American public, which is watching conservative TV news (Fox) and attending the numerous tea parties and town hall meetings, are not there just protesting the president’s health care plan.

  • Reflecting on 9-11

    The reality is this nation of ours is splitting apart, not coming together. Our politicians and radio and TV commentators appear to have nothing else to do but stir people up with distrust, name-calling and racial hatred, instead of finding a common ground for all Americans to live together. These vile attacks against our president should be embarrassing to all of us in a civil democratic country, especially as our enemies and friends observe this constant hatred.

  • Every once in a while you’ll see these little white cars with “Marion County Code Enforcement” printed on the side scooting around the area.

    One man has already seen too much of them.

    Ron Oler of R & L Auto Detailing on 91st Avenue was ordered to move a small sign he had out by State Road 200 telling customers that his business was just a few doors down off the highway.

    Trouble is, that sign was there for about 15 years.

  • A summation of The Health Reform Insurance Bill:

    I read the original, more than 586 pages, every single word in this summation is true.

    As you may have heard, there is an awful lot of misinformation about the current legislation to reform health insurance. I’m your Congressman, and I think that you deserve the facts. Here they are, directly from the latest version that the House Energy and Commerce Committee voted on:

    (1) If you have health insurance, and you like it, you can keep it. Period.

  • This was one of those age-thing moments that hits you pretty hard.

    I’m not handicapped by any means, but I don’t race down the street at as fast a clip as I used to. Let’s face it, the legs are the first to go, or at least so they say.

    I was at the corner of State Road 200 at 60th Avenue on Saturday, about noon, trying to take pictures of the firefighters from Station 32, who were conducting their boot drive for MDA.

  • Quick now, who is Marian Lucille Herndon McQuade?

    Don’t know? Don’t worry, I didn’t either.

    McQuade, in 1970, was the originator of Grandparents Day. It started in her home state of West Virginia, and gained popularity until President Jimmy Carter proclaimed the Sunday after Labor Day as Grandparents Day, starting in 1978.

    That means that this Sunday, Sept. 13, is Grandparents Day.

  • Many of you, we’re sure, remember exactly what you were doing that fateful morning, Sept. 11, 2001. Sometimes we fear, though, that there’s a new generation being raised that doesn’t appreciate what the country went through on that Tuesday.

    Many in our area still remember the effects of Pearl Harbor. Those who were alive and old enough to remember, Dec. 7, 1941, saw a day they would never forget. To this day, Dec. 7 is a special day for all veterans.

  • We should pull out

    of Afghanistan

    Afghanistan is a country that America had no reason or right to invade and go to war with. You must ask yourself, should we invade a country because of the actions and beliefs of one individual person. Yes we did lose over 3,000 lives on 9/11 that was engineered by Osama bin Laden. No matter what you feel or what we do, we cannot change the past and this invasion of Afghanistan did not help.

  • Slowly, over the past few years, information is beginning to come out about the fact that America has been attacked in what is being called “Cyberattacks.”

  • “I am not a member of any organized party … I am a Democrat.”

    We do a good job of talking democracy. But where is it?

    “Is it in the house

    Is it in the tree

    Is it anywhere

    Does it belong

    To you or to me?”

  • Thinking and talking

    In response to an article in the AARP magazine, some of us are thinking, and talking, but we cannot be heard above the din.

    First, we must have a clear understanding of what we are talking about.

    "We the People" want health care reform.

    Reform means to make or become better by the removal of faults and errors.

    Obama wants control.

    Control is the power of directing, the power of restraining.

    Do you see the difference? Why the squabble?

  • Our president has now been in office more thanseven months and it seems like seven years. During that time there have been numerous questions raised about his statements, but no answers on various bills, policies, campaign promises, etc. There are some individuals who believe he has just plain lied and others feel it’s just a difference of opinion, even to saying all politicians lie and only make political promises to get elected.

  • This coming Monday is Labor Day, a holiday that has lost some of its meaning over the years. To many children in the south, it’s just the first day off from school after a couple of weeks getting back into the classroom.

    To many up north, it’s a big weekend for celebrating warm weather, as it is considered the last hurrah of summer before the chilling breezes of the fall.

    Many seem to be unaware of the history of the holiday.

  • With apologies to the late, great Paul Harvey, here’s a little bit of the other side of the story.

    Last week we ran a story about a fair tax meeting. We covered the meeting, plain and simple. We told you what was said at the meeting.

  • Now is a great time for all Americans who rightly believe that the president’s Democratic National Health Care Plan is not the one for the majority of Americans to take full advantage of the month ahead while Congress is in recess. We used our abilities to convince a majority of the Senate to not follow the government’s line and vote for the health plan prior to their going out for 30 days. Now is the time to step up the pressure, not one to sit back on our laurels, for we haven’t won anything yet.

  • In the past few weeks the Citizen and its sister papers have been running a series about the effects of the economy on local businesses.

    You couldn’t help reading into that series that it is essential for all of us to “buy local.”

    In a few cases that might mean buying from the big chain stores in our area because the items are hard to come by elsewhere.