• The Senate Finance Committee will present its version of the health care reform bill this next week. Unlike the House bill they should have floor debate with amendments before the vote. It will be interesting to see if “We the People” will be able to view and digest this legislation before our senators vote on it. The requirement that it be posted on the Internet 72 hours in its final form has been voted down several times.

  • It always astounds me how out spoken people from other countries, pretend to comprehend the regional diversity of our nation. They just don't get it, at least 90% of the time, and it's not only foreigners, but people from the north and west that have exhibited ignorant bias views towards the south. Unless we take every opportunity to educate them, and they listen, we can't hope for anything else but what we have presently. It takes effort and compassion for the less fortunate, in other words, those poor souls not born in or adopted by the south. When in Rome do as the Romans do.

  • There are many confusing issues about health care reform and I don’t intend to add additional difficulties. It is important to know that we spend more money than any country in the world and yet the health care we receive is not equivalent to what we spend. Ninety percent of the money we pay into Medicare is actually used for health care. The 10 percent left goes to administration and fraud. As for private insurance, only 70 percent of what we put in is used for actual health care. The 30 percent left goes to advertisement, administration and executive pay.

  • Our campaign system for electing our government officials is not functioning as it should. The problems can be readily identified, too much money spent on tedious, very lengthy and expensive campaigns.

    We should start by limiting campaigns to 30 or 45 days. Not only will this harness the costs but will spare us the never-ending rhetoric beamed into our living rooms for what seems an eternity, but it would also keep Congress at work instead as congressional duties do not call for stumping the country seeking votes for distant elections.

  • Today’s paper – front page: Health care reform: Lobbyists derail Obama’s efforts to curtail costs. ‘Most of the serious plans to fulfill Obama’s cost-cutting have fallen to organized interests, parochial politics.’ So Americans can die or go bankrupt as long as insurance companies and lobbyists are allowed to be rewarded for their unabashed and ungodly greed. America did not have a debt and deficit problem until we started cutting corporate and income taxes on the wealthy. Our system was not broken. It did not need to be fixed.

  • Bureaucrats in charge of protecting our endangered species may have put manatees at Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park in harm’s way.

    Officials of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service have said most of the manatees that have made their home at Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park for decades must be released into the wild.

    The first two up for release are Amanda and Electra. Amanda has been in captivity for 36 years with the last 23 years at the park. Electra has lived in the park since 2008. She was rescued in 1998.

  • Scare tactics?

    I am writing in response to a recent letter referring to “scare tactics.” Yes, they are scare tactics and thanks goodness for Fox News, who tells the truth. If not for them, “Acorn” and “Van Jones” would not have been exposed, and let’s hope all the other guilty ones will fall also. The truth hurts, but let’s pray integrity and truth will be restored to this administration and the country. God Bless America!

    Phyllis Fischer-Smith



  • Despite how hard we want to change the subject from the president and his administration, you feel you just can’t do it because every day it’s the radio news, various newspapers, and numerous TV news reports, especially Fox, national newspapers and magazines. They all contain startling information as to what this man and his cohorts of very radical “Czars” are pushing in their new agendas on the America public. So you make the decision of what these anti-Americans are doing.

  • October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, with many activities taking place nationwide.

    Big or small, these events will raise awareness of what only 20 years ago was spoken about in whispers, when many women were too embarrassed or simply unaware of how important it was to get any signs of possible breast cancer checked out sooner rather than later.

  • What are these people thinking, if they’re thinking at all?

    For the second time in three weeks we’ve had an arrest on the Corridor for someone drinking and driving with a small child (or children) in the vehicle.

    In both cases, deputies spotted the violations and kept the children safe while carting the drivers off to jail.

    The thing you worry about is that there are many more out there doing this who aren’t getting caught.

  • Every once in a while, I revert to a past life when I was covering things in the rest of the world and not only here on the Corridor. So please excuse me while I get a few things off my chest.

    David Letterman: We get it folks. He did something bad. He owned up to it. Now let’s move on.

  • Are we safe? Of course we aren't

    Have you heard the talk about anarchy? It’s usually followed by the question, are we safe? Then the answer is, of course not! This question rears its ugly head occasionally. For example, Robert D. Kaplan published a remarkable book, “The Coming Anarchy”, it was first published in The Atlantic Monthly in February 1994 and it warned of a future without law and order. Today we think of Somalia, as an example.

  • If anyone cares, this might be a workable alternative redistribution plan.

    On a given date, time, and place, I will be standing hat (or hats, if needed) in hand to receive all the worldly wealth from all progressive liberals. That sounds like a fair and equitable plan.

  • Harold Meyerson reported that when asked in late July whether they believed Barack Obama was born in the United States, 93 percent of Democrats and 83 percent of independents said yes, but just 42 percent of Republicans agreed.

  • In the Sept. 18 edition of the Citizen, Mr. Beckner' column irresponsibly cited that this current occupant of the white house should be impeached. Hey Bob, it's not only going to scare Biden, most of the house, and senate, but any grounded and educated American citizen.

  • Out here on the Corridor we have lots of modern buildings, good living conditions for most, modern stores, etc. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that Ocala and Marion County have been here a long time … a very long time.

    The Fort King Festival was the place to be for history buffs this past Saturday. It was at the McPherson Complex, a government-oriented area near the intersection of Fort King Street and Southeast 25th Avenue.

    Most of the displays were packed into one of the few shaded areas, all within walking distance of the Marion County Museum of History.

  • After hearing from the president for a year or so, one must come to the conclusion he is either extraordinary, politically tone deaf or arrogant beyond belief as indicated by his relentless pursuit of policies strongly rejected by the American people.

  • One of the things we focus on during October is fire prevention.

    We received a news release recently which showed that the majority of young children knew to call 911 in case of a fire, but a large portion of them thought you should call from inside the burning building.

    That’s one of the first things that all people should do in case of a fire – get out. Call from a cell phone or a neighbor’s house, but get out.

  • Beckner is really desperate for material he uses to denigrate President Obama.

    The open letter he found on the Internet, which he says was written by an acclaimed author and dynamic teacher, one of the world's leaders in change management, has absolutely no credibility because he did not identify the acclaimed author. Therefore, that letter can be nothing more than the personal opinion of an individual with access to the Internet who has myriad reasons why President Obama scares him.

  • I was scheduled for a blood test at my local doctor’s office on a Tuesday. I was scheduled at the same office for blood tests the following Monday.

    Seeking a practical course of action, I called and suggested we could combine the appointments and save some money. After all, blood is blood no matter the use for it once they get a sample.

    Nope, I was told. Could not do that. It was against the “rules,” inasmuch as my blood was needed for two causes, they could not be combined with one office call unless I wanted to pay for one out of my pocket.