• The nation will observe Veterans Day next week, amid what seems to be an increasing movement to honor and respect those who serve and have served in America’s military.

    With Central Florida being home to many veterans, in many communities we have the opportunity to get together with other residents and honor these veterans on Wednesday, Nov. 11 at various events.

  • Staying awake is a challenge this week

    The deep sighs and yawns that you hear and see this week are largely coming from my office.

    Twice a year, I go through these periods where my body tries to ignore the clock. Strangely, it seems to happen just after the time changes from standard to daylight saving and back to standard again.

    Personally, I wish they would leave it alone.

  • Why are Republicans gleeful that all Americans won't have health insurance for their families this year or in the future? This is probably the most anti-American and uncaring group of Congressmen in our history. They want to make sure that the insurance company executives continue to make multi-million dollar bonuses and salaries on the backs of the less fortunate.

  • Having worked for some time as a security guard in one of the 55-plus subdivisions in the Southwest part of Ocala, I have observed much of the comings and goings of the residents in their vehicles.

    It has made me much more aware of my own comings and goings in my vehicle, and as a result I have decreased using my vehicle and wait to accomplish several necessities in one trip.

  • When you hear the words “town hall meeting,” all sorts of things come to mind, particularly some of the violent confrontations that have taken place all around the country recently.

    It was with those thoughts in mind that I ventured to Belleview City Hall last Saturday morning for a meeting conducted by U.S. Rep. Cliff Stearns, R-Ocala.

    It was pretty calm for the most part, with the pro-Obama forces being badly outnumbered, and most of them kept quiet.

  • It is about time for America to take the lead in clean energy and energy conservation around the world. We are now in the 21st century. To address these issues we need to start looking up instead of down. We have to end our addiction to oil, gas and coal which comes from the ground, and harness the wind and sun along with other alternatives such as algae and sugar cane.

  • May we recall Rep. Joe Wilson, of South Carolina, when he was so moved to shout out, "you lie!", back in September. He took a stand and turned out to have some validity in his criticism of a portion of the proposed health care bill. The result was a reexamining of the bill specifically related to illegal immigrants. Joe Wilson was indeed correct, although his method was disruptive, but he did apologize. It should have sufficed, but among many, it was sadly not enough.

  • For most of the United States, this weekend represents a chance to get a little more sleep than usual.

    Daylight Saving Time ends Sunday at 2 a.m., and if you think you can’t relive the past, at that hour you should set your clocks back an hour, which means the 1 a.m. to 2 a.m. hour occurs all over again.

    Of course, for many of us, that clock-changing, if we remember, will take place on Saturday night, which happens to be Halloween, meaning all the party-goers will probably take an extra hour of partying in lieu of an extra hour of sleep.

  • This is Red Ribbon Week, the annual traditional fight against drug use by children. Its aim is to teach youngsters not to use drugs.

    The week began with a “carnival” at the Ocala Police Dept. on Monday, in which hundreds of people lined up for free food and displays concerning the damaging effects of using drugs.

    There was plenty of music and even dancing with mascots.

    There was only one thing missing. There were no red ribbons.

  • The GOP’s new clothes

    This is a response to comments made by one of the regular columnists for this paper. His identity is of no consequence and regular readers will know exactly who I’m talking about.

    The writer’s response to the mistreatment of President Obama is a total misdirection of the truth.

  • Yes, this is great. We should all fight like gentlemen. We should stand up, perhaps in our red coats, and fight in a dignified manner such as at Concord. Those “terrorists” hiding behind trees and bushes were not very nice people.

    Where am I going with this?

    To be serious, as long as there are national borders, there will be KGBs, MI5s, FBIs, CIAs and Secret Services of each nation. There will be dirty tricks and torture. The hamstringing of the CIA is against our present interest.

    The president is right in avoiding political destruction of the CIA.

  • You could tell that memories of Vietnam haven’t faded. All you had to do was look at the faces of the people at last Sunday’s traveling Vietnam Memorial and the resulting ceremony, and you could see that, whether they were veterans or families who lost a loved one, the thoughts never go away.

    The Vietnam Memorial wall, a 60 percent replica of the actual memorial in Washington, D.C., made its way to Ocala for the second time in the last few years.

  • A lust for solutions

    Are we ready to trash the lust for power cadre? Humans have suffered long enough under that sorry philosophy.

    We citizens can do it with a lust for solutions. We will have enough money for all our needs, with something left for our piggy banks.

    Power lusters have no inclination to find solutions. Their only interests are power, control, and spending other peoples money.

  • Our campaign system for electing our government officials is not functioning as it should. The problems can be readily identified, too much money spent on tedious, very lengthy and expensive campaigns

    We should start by limiting campaigns to 30 or 45 days. Not only will this harness the costs but will spare us the never-ending rhetoric beamed into our living rooms for what seems an eternity, but it would also keep Congress at work instead as congressional duties do not call for stumping the country seeking votes for distant elections.

  • The letter to the editor from S.M. Popin is the worst diatribe against so-called "Yankees" and foreigners that I have ever read in my life and I am 75.

    I don’t believe there is a sentence without a lie putting down Northerners, people from other countries, our president and our country in general.

    We are in troubled times and we definitely do not need untruthful, hate articles published by any newspapers.

  • Health insurance for all?

    Insurance, health insurance for all? ... Yes, of course yes.

    It would be good if it existed. Life giving, not death dealing health care. Keep in mind, however, that at those moments of deep suffering, at the moment of the ultimate loneliness of death, no health insurance policy will be able to protect us or save us. Two thousand and nine years ago, God with skin on walked among us. “Do not fear, I am always with you”, he said.

  • We are living in a time where our constitutional rights are being attacked on all levels. For this reason alone we must be extra alert and examine everything that is taking place on a city, county, state and national level. Keep in mind that ignorance, apathy and indifference pave the road to tyranny.

  • Like many other people, I have a vision for world peace. I dream of a day when we can all get along, when we don’t have to have nuclear deterrents, where we don’t have to worry about terrorist attacks.

    OK, so where’s my Nobel Peace Prize?

    Over the weekend, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said that President Barack Obama won the Nobel Prize because of his vision.

    So now, I guess, we’re giving out Nobel Prizes on spec.

    Sorry, but I can’t understand what qualified the president for the Peace Prize .;. yet.

  • It’s amazing to me that we have good Americans, even veterans, who do not understand what is happening in America. We have fought for what our country stands for, our way of life, our freedom, opportunities that exist here more than any other country in the world. A country that has always put more faith in God than in any government, individual or any group. We recognize that God has blessed our nation to such an extent that we should all be on our knees thanking him for his goodness and mercy.

  • The Senate Finance Committee will present its version of the health care reform bill this next week. Unlike the House bill they should have floor debate with amendments before the vote. It will be interesting to see if “We the People” will be able to view and digest this legislation before our senators vote on it. The requirement that it be posted on the Internet 72 hours in its final form has been voted down several times.