• Have you noticed how quiet all those “drill baby drill” loudmouths have gotten? Where are you, Sarah Palin? Has the cat got your tongue? You were the loudest screecher in the country. Every time I turned on the TV, there you were. “Drill baby drill,” how the silence is deafening. Bet you get it now.

  • The new immigration law that was passed by the Arizona State Legislature and signed into law by their governor provides that if someone is breaking the law and is stopped by the police they will be required to show proper identification such as a valid driver’s license. I believe that this is the law in each and every part of these United States of America and not just Arizona. There are many talking heads in the news media that are claiming this is a racist issue and aimed at illegal immigrants and taking away their rights.

  • The date was Jan. 10, 1997. I was working out of state briefly, on the evening shift on a Saturday, when the call came. My mother had been taken ill.

    About a half-hour later, another call. She was gone.

    I was lucky enough that both my parents lived into their 80s. Many of us grow up thinking our folks are indestructible. That’s why it’s such a shock when the die suddenly, no matter what their age.

  • It is ironic that here in Ocala last year we had a big fuss over a street vendor, one who sold lunches on the square.

    Street vendors all over the U.S. can look with pride to a couple of their own, who spotted a suspicious SUV on 45th Street near Times Square on Saturday evening.

    They alerted police, who discovered what could have been a damaging car bomb. There was some smoke but little damage, and no one was injured.

  • I am a resident in the Oak Run community and this message concerns the Oak Run bus.

    We are in the fourth week without service and the answer from the management to our question is “It is being repaired.”

    This is a very necessary means of transportation for our older citizens, who no longer are able to drive. The bus gives us an opportunity to maintain our independence.

    I have been a resident here for 12 ½ years. When the home was purchased, it was noted that a bus was available for Oak Run homeowners.

  • Anyone who knows me understands that I would much rather go to a baseball game than a cultural event such as an art show. I just wasn’t brought up that way.

    Imagine my surprise when I discovered a facility in Ocala, nestled in the woods off East Silver Springs Boulevard, called the Ocala Civic Theatre, and actually enjoyed it.

    I’ve been coming to Ocala since the mid 1970s, and I’ve lived here for about 13 years, and I have heard of the Civic Theatre, but I’ve never been there.

  • There’s a popular game show syndicated on television called “Family Feud,” in which people are asked to give several responses to a question. One of the recent queries on the show was, “Name something parents teach their children before kindergarten.”

    Some of the answers included potty training, ABC/alphabet/reading, counting, how to write their names, and tying their shoes.

  • There are 535 prime examples of the Peter Principle in our nation's capitol. They were sent there by Peter Principle voters (and those who didn't vote) to change the world.


    Upon arrival, the "Peterites" found themselves as low "Peterites" on the totem pole. They quickly learned you make deals and trade your integrity or you end up in a basement office and assigned to mundane committees where nobody cares. The "folks back home?" They have no bread? Then let them eat cake.

  • A few years ago the “kids” used to have a song that some of the words came to mind when I read Mr. Beckner’s article: “Don’t let the sounds of your own words drive you crazy.” It would be my opinion that Mr. Beckner and the rest of the Tee Pottyers have driven themselves to believe their own lies and half truths a long time ago. I voted my first time for General Eisenhower and voted the straight ticket until Bush. That is when the party of reason, responsibility and truth changed and left me.

  • Ever since this loosely organized group of what-I-don't-know-what-to-make-of-them popped up on the radar screens of our media, including newspapers, scrolling TV news, Internet blogs, and so on, I've seen confusion over how to pluralize its name. I've even seen how one columnist tried to avoid making that choice by initializing it to "T.P.iers" (plural) or "T.P.er" (singular). I see no need to change that proper noun's "y" to the common noun's "ier."

  • Every day we seem to be gaining in the number of hybrid products that surround us. Mules, roses and tangelos have been around for a while and telephones, cameras and automobiles are now combining technologies that were traditionally used in other products. Unfortunately, we are also now getting hybrid politicians. Gov. Crist has vetoed Senate Bill 6, a measure that would have continued Republican efforts to control the cost and improve the effectiveness of our public schools.

  • Sometimes the message just doesn’t get through to people.

    Last week there was the announcement by the Sheriff’s Office that a man had been arrested for stealing from unlocked cars. It seems he was delivering newspapers (not ours) early in the morning, and he would try the doors of parked cars. When he found unlocked vehicles, he would steal items from within that vehicle.

    It happened in the southeastern part of the county. We haven’t heard of too many recently out here, but we can be reasonably sure that the thieves haven’t taken a sabbatical.

  • The South Marion Citizen is looking for a few good people.

    The newspaper is forming an editorial board and is seeking area residents to become a part of it. The volunteer editorial board would help identify issues that need to be brought before the public in editorials, and occasionally members of the board could take part in writing editorials.

  • The ads pop up on newspaper computers everywhere. Some, like us, try to reject all of them. Others run them without question.

    “Get this cute little dog free,” says the ad. If you’re lonely for companionship, and you’d like a little dog, you jump at the chance.

    Then comes the catch. You’re told to pay only a shipping fee for the animal. You go ahead and send the money.

    Problem is, the dog never arrives. And you, the consumer, are out the shipping fee, which probably bought a nice dinner for some scam artist somewhere.

  • One has to have been a part of the Medicare onslaught to intellectually understand the Universal Health Care issue. The naysayers were there in 1964 when Medicare was being hotly debated as they are now in 2010. Back then the congress rumbled with dissent from many in its ranks and to a degree were as bi-partisan as they are today. Maybe but by not so much. Then there was the public; the seniors wanting Medicare and the younger generation (the now seniors) against it.

  • What part of “We Don’t Want It” is so hard for Obama and the left wing to understand ? People are saying in large numbers that we want good health care reform but don’t want Obama care. There are many ways we can accomplish this in a much simpler way. It’s not about health care, it’s about power and control as we move away from our Constitutional form of government. Now they have added fed control of student loans and it has just begun.

  • The sign on the front of the restaurant said simply, “McRib is back.”

    Well, that didn’t last long. Now it’s gone.

    After a month, the McRib disappeared again. No one knows when it will return.

    Actually, if the people are telling the truth, no one in McDonald’s locally knew when it was going to go away.

  • The stupidity of the adult human being never seems to amaze me. In 1966, there was an outcry that the country would go broke and taxes would go through the roof. All of this because there was a thing called "Medicare" looming on the horizon. Guess who it was destined for, "the Old People," as seniors were called back then.

  • During the Clinton Presidency the tax rate was set with the purpose that the rich would pay their fair share of income taxes and that the National deficit was being paid down to the point where it would have been paid off by 2010.

    Under President Bush the tax cuts for the rich caused the deficit to double while those with money watched the rest of America become a third world country without jobs for the middle class.

  • Driving along State Road 200 each day, I used to listen to the radio or CD player and coast along, oblivious to what was around me.

    That’s not a good thing for a newspaperman.

    So recently I turned off the electronics and decided to become more observant. Here are some of the conclusions I’ve reached.

    * Accidents are caused by two types of people: first, those who fail to signal, and second, those who drive too slowly. That’s right, I said slow drivers, not speeders.