• Christian charity

    “When two or three are gathered in my name, there am I in the midst of them” (Matt: 18-20).

    Therefore, when Christians gather in Christ’s name, Christ is present in their midst.

    As a child growing up, I was taught that the Catholic Church is the true church founded by Christ and Protestant churches were founded by men, e.g. the Lutheran Church was founded by Martin Luther. Protestants were called heretics and we were not to attend their churches.

  • The date was June 25, 1950, exactly 60 years ago today.

    I was a young tyke, living in New Jersey, and I remember I was outside playing. I came into the house through the back door, which led into the kitchen, and saw my grandmother on my mother's side standing there crying as she listened to the radio (no TV in those days in my family).

  • I read that Sheriff Ed Dean would give 900 of his employees a well deserved pay raise for the work that they do protecting the residents of Marion County. This is at a time when 90,000 of the working residents in our county are supporting 18,000 county residents who are presently unemployed.

  • The term “separation of church and state” is used so much there are citizens who believe it is part of our Constitution. Now we can’t pray in school or in public, we can’t have Christmas manger scenes, etc. These practices are declared so harmful to our society that on a regular basis the ACLU or other ungodly organizations are expanding the ban on our using the name of God in any way. Efforts to remove “In God we trust” from our money and other places are constant. Why not look at just what our Constitution really says?

  • I've heard a lot about boycotting local BP stations because of the oil spill. This just shows what I've always been taught, "average is not too bright." WOW! Can you imagine such idiotic thinking. These people didn't have anything to do with the spill. They're victims too.

  • The Cliff Stearns town meeting last Saturday was well attended, but our local Congressman didn’t hear anything he hadn’t heard before.

    The crowd spent the whole time bashing President Obama, with Stearns occasionally joining in, instead of providing information to Stearns or learning something from this very knowledgeable representative.

    Stories such as that of the woman who moved here over a year ago and can’t find a job despite having a professional background were the type of information that Stearns needed to hear.

  • The Tea Party of Ocala is about to launch a countywide program to “Get out the Vote.”

    It will be called: Operation Shoe Leather.

    The goal is to visit all 472 churches in Marion County, and ask the clergy to encourage their congregations to vote, vote, vote, please vote. Included in the literature they will giving to each church will be letters extolling the virtues of freedom, and perhaps the need for Americans to appeal to a higher authority to help us retain that freedom: appeal to God.

  • We often hear about the bad fathers, those who couldn’t care less about their children, who treat them as a biological accident, or who leave and put them out of their minds or, worse yet, physically and mentally abuse those little ones.

    But across the country, there are millions of fathers who take their responsibility toward their children seriously, who work without much fanfare to make sure their youngsters become good, strong, moral adults.

  • Just because we can dance and chew gum at the same time doesn’t mean we can operate a three thousand pound vehicle safely while text messaging. Even birds have enough sense to stand still while twittering. And they have fewer collisions than we do.

    Prohibition of text messaging while driving is inevitable. How long it will take in Florida and around the nation depends on a few legislators who relish capturing the limelight by being obstinate about the obvious.

  • Obama is a student of Saul Alinsky...he taught him as a professor. Saul Alinski loved Cloward and Piven. the 2 professors were at the signing of Clinton ‘s “motor Voter” act. Do your own research, but nothing makes sense anymore. Keep working on your emergency supplies like food storage...this is a worst case scenario, but better to be prepared for the worst than to be caught unaware. It’s all unsustainable, the debt, the corruption, the entitlements. where does it all end.

  • In a recent piece in the daily papers, columnist David Sirota contrasted the famous call to the nation by President Roosevelt after Pearl Harbor with the responses of President Bush to 9/11 and President Obama to the Gulf Coast oil disaster.

    In a succession of speeches, Mr. Roosevelt called on every person and interest in the nation to accept the sacrifices and self denial necessary to win World War II. The nation turned itself upside down in the effort, and five years later wars on two continents had been won.

  • We all know that television controls starting times and schedules for things such as sports. That’s why you get three or more hours of nothing before a 6:18 p.m. Super Bowl. That’s why you got hours of pre-race talk before last Saturday’s Belmont Stakes, a race that not too many people cared about.

    But television, particularly ABC, hit a new low last week by creating the appearance of unfairness in an activity that has been going on smoothly for years, the National Spelling Bee.

  • Without question, we are having both financial and discipline problems in our public schools. Many will agree we didn’t have discipline problems when we were growing up, when the teacher said sit down, we sat. If we misbehaved, we faced going to the principal’s office or worse, especially when we got home. Put simply, discipline problems were not allowed or tolerated, we were there to learn and this expectation was communicated all the way through school. Imagine today’s good teachers being able to teach with class size never being a problem!

  • This is a yearly column, updated with latest information.

    This is a big month for many young people in Marion County, as they leave high school and move on to the next phase of their lives.

    Graduation ceremonies are scheduled or have already been held for local high schools, a landmark day for a few hundred young adults who are ready to venture out into the world.

  • Please ponder the musings of notable author, John Perkins:

  • Thank goodness for Barack Obama.

    He destroyed the Clinton political machine, He killed off the Kennedy dynasty.

    He and Nancy Pelosi are destroying the Democratic Party before our eyes! Dennis Moore, Evan Bayh and Byron Dorgan never lost a race but have all quit. By the end of 2010 dozens more will follow!

    He has exposed the liberal/progressives for what they are, no more than Socialist. He is bringing home the lesson very well!

  • The driver was ready to pull out onto State Road 200, with a green light, one day last week. Fortunately, he looked before hitting the gas pedal, and he saw a car bearing down on him at a high rate of speed.

    The car didn’t stop for the red light.

    As it went by, he could see the young female driver completely oblivious to what was going on around her, looking down at her cell phone, probably either texting or reading a text. She jumped noticeably when other drivers honked at her.

  • There is no group of Americans who deserve our praise and gratitude more than the veterans who fought and died defending our country against oppression and invasion from foreign enemies.

  • On the morning of May 30, I was standing at the main entrance of Walmart on State Road 200 doing poppies for the VFW, when a little girl and her mother approached me.

    The little girl, I would say she was about 9 or 10 years old, was digging in the pocket of her skirt and her mother asked her what she was doing. She replied that she was getting some money to get one of those flowers. Her mother then asked her if she was going to use her tooth fairy money, and the girl said yes.

  • Having just witnessed two of the most despicable events I can recall, we now have another that simply makes me wonder what it will take to wake some of our citizens from their deep sleep.