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  • British answer 04-08-2011

    In a recent edition, an ultra-liberal responded to my criticism of the British National Health Service (NHS).  She didn't contest the three victims I'd cited. Instead, she theorized that someone scoured the entire British Isles to find three aberrations in a near-utopian system.

    Between 1975-79, my parents, the war-hero couple the NHS killed by rationing, and the gall-bladder-diseased young mother the NHS almost killed, lived on the same block. The couple lived two doors from one side from my parents; the young mother, four doors from the other side.

  • Congress searching for a painless problem solver

    For 20 years, Congress and the White House have pretended they were doing something about the mass migration of unidentified immigrants crossing our southern border. Quite the contrary. Washington was deliberately doing nothing.

  • Emancipation Day means later deadline 04-08-2011

    The irony of the name can’t be ignored. This year, you don’t have to pay your taxes until Monday, April 18, because Washington, D.C., is observing Emancipation Day on Friday, April 15, which is the normal tax filing date.

    Actually, Emancipation Day is April 16, honoring the day Abraham Lincoln signed the Compensated Emancipation Act in 1862, but when it falls on a Saturday, it’s observed on Friday. Don’t ever doubt that our federal bureaucrats will find a way to celebrate a holiday on a normal workday.

  • The new America 04-01-2011

    The national and state Republican Party has been in favor of smaller government to save our country from massive deficit spending from the freewheeling Democrats during the past two years. What Republicans haven't told you is that the best way to achieve this goal is to subcontract work to the lowest bidder which may or may not be from America.

  • Who is in charge? 04-01-2011

    Who has the ultimate power in the United States of America? Who’s the boss? Is it the president, vice president, the Senate, the House, the Supreme Court, the EPA, the Speaker of the House? Think this over for a minute and decide on your answer. Maybe you think it’s the United Nations. If you think one of the above is correct, you are wrong on all accounts. The answer is We the People, the citizens of the United States.

  • Undistorted truths 04-01-2011

    The media news breeds confusion.

    It’s becoming such an illusion.

    It is a real shame,

    the far-left’s to blame,

    what they need is a Fox News transfusion.

  • The shape of things to come? 04-01-2011

    In London on Saturday, March 26, the Associated Press reported that more than 250,000 demonstrated to protest the toughest government spending cuts since WWII.

    Teachers, nurses, firefighters, public sector workers, students Pensioners and campaign groups all took part in Saturday’s mass demonstration.  Protesters shouting, “Welfare not Warfare.”

  • Protect the victims, not the criminals 04-01-2011

    There was a story floating around this past weekend about an armed robbery at a convenience store on State Road 200. Armed robberies like this happen all too often in this county, and members of the media have gotten to the point where we have to treat these items as relatively routine, especially where no one was hurt.

    That’s why it was surprising to see information about this robbery get out into the public, complete with the name and family situation of the clerk who was robbed.