Today's Opinions

  • The power of the third rail has fizzled

    Social Security is no longer the threatening third rail of American politics. Until the reforms of the Greenspan Commission in 1983, politicians did not dare fiddle with Social Security for fear of being electrocuted by voters at the next election.
    Based on the Commission’s recommendations, Congress raised the retirement age and extended the solvency of Social Security for 75 years to 2058. Unfortunately they’ve been very short years. More reform is on the horizon, and Social Security has few champions.

  • Boys of summer, though it's still winter

    Fishing is not my favorite activity … actually, I’ve only been fishing once in my life, as a boy, caught some little fish up at Greenwood Lake, New York, watched him squirm, told my father to put him back in the water so he wouldn’t suffer, and never touched a rod and reel again.
    But I once had a fisherman describe the feeling the first time he went out in season, in the early morning on a peaceful lake, with nothing to concentrate on, except what he was doing. He said it was pure relaxation.

  • Letters to the editor 3-9-2012

    It’s not free
    Just because you don’t have to pay for it doesn’t mean it is free. Someone has to pay the bill and no, the Insurance Company will not end up paying for it either. Every expense the company has is covered by the income received (premiums from those of us who pay our way), and if the expenses rise, so do our premiums.
    The federal and local governments raise our taxes.
    So much has been made of the question of Catholic hospitals having to pay birth control expenses, and that is ridiculous.

  • Beware of an old scam that's starting again

    I have noticed an old scam that is starting again.

  • Adventures of a federal anti-fraud squad

    New initiatives to eliminate fraud, waste, and abuse in federal programs are usually accompanied by expectations of significant savings just over the rainbow. Early performance reports however are subject to lengthy questioning by Congress as to why the new program isn’t accomplishing more – and faster.

  • Once again, let's change the clocks

    Those who drive to work early in the morning will have to face a dismal fact beginning next week. It’s going to be darker, later.
    This Sunday morning (or Saturday night), we go through the annual ritual of turning our clocks ahead. In the spring, that means we lose an hour’s sleep, and that the sun rises an hour later.
    Of course at the end of the day, we get a little more daylight, but that also means putting the little children and grandchildren to bed while it’s still daylight.

  • Help for vets, spouses in assisted living

    If you are a veteran or spouse of a veteran and you are in an assisted living community, or if you have a relative who is a veteran or spouse of a vet, I’m going to tell you about a program I just found out about last week.
    Of course, a lot of you are smarter than I am, so you probably know about this already. But I didn’t, and it cost my dad thousands of dollars over the years he was in assisted living before he died.

  • Letters to the editor 3-2-12

    I don’t know about the rest of you but I am sick and tired of driving home from work day after day and seeing the same panhandlers camped out on the median at State Road 200 and Southwest 60th Avenue (Airport Road).
    In a town this large there have to be plenty of places you can go to if your need help getting back on your feet. Of course they probably expect you to make a genuine effort to find a job and take responsibility for yourself and your family.