Today's Opinions

  • “I don’t drink anymore ... I get the

    same effect just by standing up fast.”


  • A grant to solve murder was wrote

    We love to get letters to the editor and we try to print them all. It’s usually lack of space that’s the problem but sometimes there are other reasons.

    Once in a while, letters can be the source for an editorial – like this week. One of our regular contributors, who can wax very witty with the keyboard, wrote about a bone of contention with the way the Marion County Sheriff’s Office is spending money during these times of troubled budgets.

  • Being legal doesn’t make it right

    George Washington and Abraham Lincoln are revered as presidents whose character was stronger than the temptations of public power. Neither man used his presidency for personal gain.

    The same cannot be said for subsequent presidents, and certainly not for many of today’s politicians. Corruption in politics is as common as broken promises.

  • The Democrats need

    to find some backbone

    The Democrats do not know how to handle themselves when they are in the majority in government. When the Republicans were in control of the White House, and both houses of Congress, they passed the bills that they wanted and eliminated oversight in government that controlled our spending.

    When the Republicans kept control of the White House and lost Congress to the Democrats, the Republicans were still in charge of the agenda for spending in our government.

  • Schools to be dazed by budget cuts again

    As if $24.3 million in cuts for the Marion County School District weren’t enough, now Superintendent Ken Yancey is faced with hacking out an additional $27- to $33 million from next year’s budget. Part of the reason for another massive deficit apparently is that Marion is one of the few counties in Florida to avoid laying teachers off – and there are folks in Tallahassee who think it should be otherwise.

  • Op-Ed Cartoon

    “Always remember, you’re unique

    ... just like everyone else!”


  • One man can’t lead us out of this mess

    A few weeks ago I reported that Americans had placed their “hope and faith” in one man, our president, to get us out of the various severe crises our country currently is in. Since then I’ve been asked several times if I actually believed in what I wrote.

  • A splendid example of begging the question

    The continuing abortion conflict received nationwide press attention only three days after the new administration took office in Washington.

    On the 36th anniversary of Rowe v. Wade, anti-abortion forces rallied thousands to the nation’s capitol to restate their opposition. A smaller group of pro-abortionists held their rally a few blocks away at the Supreme Court building. In a spirit of impartiality, the justices didn’t wave hello to either group.