Today's Opinions

  • Armstrong's group still helps victims

    In a nation where the words “race fans” assume either the pounding of hooves at the horse races or the roar of the engines at NASCAR tracks, it’s a stark contrast when people attend bicycle races.
    It’s the sound of silence as bikes quietly zip along the streets where the race is being held.
    The silence of the sordid side of bicycle racing was broken last week when Lance Armstrong, seven-time Tour de France winner and Olympic silver medalist, sat down for an interview with Oprah Winfrey.

  • Legislators to hold local meeting, probably

    Reportedly, there’s a Legislative Delegation meeting on Jan. 8 at 1 p.m. at the college’s Klein Center. I say reportedly, because the only place it’s shown up on is the “Sunshine notice” put out by the County Commission anytime more than one commissioner might be at some sort of function together.

    So far I have received no notice of the meeting from chairman Dennis Baxley or any other legislator, nor have I seen it publicized anywhere else. So, I would suggest calling before going.

  • Goodbye, cruel world, especially if you're a Mayan

    Well, we knew it all had to end sometime. The world is evolving, and one of these days everything will come to a conclusion as we know it.
    I’m talking, of course, about the Mayan prophecy that the world will end on Dec. 21, 2012, or 12-21-12.
    Of course, none of the Mayans who made that prediction about 1200 years ago or so are still around to see if it comes true. Their world ended long ago.

  • It wasn't a demotion? Oh, really?

    Just when you think you’re going to have a nice, positive, post-election column, something happens to gum up the works.

    I guess I can still legitimately praise George Tomyn and Dr. Diana Greene for the school superintendent campaign they ran.

  • Letters to the editor 11-23-2012

    Current events

    Many Americans voted for John McCain in his 2008 presidential bid. They agreed to support the winner, Barack Obama, for the good of America. After all, Obama was young, fresh, and energetic. He promised "hope and change" to America ... which he never gave us.

  • Day of memories, day of thanks

    Sometimes the calendar can be a little bit unfair with its listing of dates, holidays and remembrances. Take this week, for instance.

    Thursday was Nov. 22. Because it was the fourth Thursday in November, it was Thanksgiving Day in the United States, the earliest date it can be. It was a day for giving thanks for all that we have in this great nation, whether you agree with everything that is going on or not.

  • A nice visit, but who's paying for it?

    When a top political candidate comes to visit your area, it’s a public relations boon, especially when someone like vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan opens his comments by saying what great Florida weather he was experiencing.
    But Ryan’s visit to Ocala last week has me thinking of some things, just coming up with some questions without answers. So let me present some of those to you.

  • Letters to the editor 10-19-2012

    Looking at Executive Orders

    It is a shame that the only ads Obama can run are promoting class warfare, primarily because he can’t run on his record. He wants to shift emphasis to fear of the unknown from the facts that would in themselves prevent his re- election. However there is a real danger that hardly anyone is talking about, one that could destroy individual freedom and our American way of life. It’s time to talk about his executive orders.