• The new America 04-01-2011

    The national and state Republican Party has been in favor of smaller government to save our country from massive deficit spending from the freewheeling Democrats during the past two years. What Republicans haven't told you is that the best way to achieve this goal is to subcontract work to the lowest bidder which may or may not be from America.

  • Who is in charge? 04-01-2011

    Who has the ultimate power in the United States of America? Who’s the boss? Is it the president, vice president, the Senate, the House, the Supreme Court, the EPA, the Speaker of the House? Think this over for a minute and decide on your answer. Maybe you think it’s the United Nations. If you think one of the above is correct, you are wrong on all accounts. The answer is We the People, the citizens of the United States.

  • Undistorted truths 04-01-2011

    The media news breeds confusion.

    It’s becoming such an illusion.

    It is a real shame,

    the far-left’s to blame,

    what they need is a Fox News transfusion.

  • The shape of things to come? 04-01-2011

    In London on Saturday, March 26, the Associated Press reported that more than 250,000 demonstrated to protest the toughest government spending cuts since WWII.

    Teachers, nurses, firefighters, public sector workers, students Pensioners and campaign groups all took part in Saturday’s mass demonstration.  Protesters shouting, “Welfare not Warfare.”

  • Political bipartisanship 03-25-2011

    The representatives for our state and national governments do not have the fortitude to tackle the real problems facing our country today. They have dealt a death blow to working Americans by reducing our income at a time when we are unable to pay the bills and responsibilities of our great society.

  • Another way of looking at it 03-25-2011

    In a recent letter titled “Middle-class Americans are not imbeciles,” the writer asserts that the “Primary domestic policy goal” of the Obama administration is the “redistribution of wealth.” Well, I say, it’s about time!! It is not simply about class warfare or jealousy as the Tea Party would have you believe. It is about an economic system which ahs failed the vast majority of Americans by favoring the few.

  • God and me 03-25-2011

    For the past several years I have been having chats with God.

    The pool I frequent, with its retractable roof, makes a perfect outdoor cathedral. When the sun is just right, I even imagine now, then, that God gives a wink or two.

    We have discussed many things, trivial as well as profound matters.

    Lately things have hit an even more somber note.

  • Read correctly

    A reader complained about an article of mine. I will give him the courtesy of not mentioning his name (something he did not extend to me.) The passages in question were quotes from an article in U.S. News and World Report. Why insult Barney Frank, who was not guilty as accused, by saying he was a key figure in the ruination of the banking and housing industries? And by the way, the passage was a quote from a column written by the late Pulitzer-prize winner David S. Broder.

  • Dog owner responsibility 03-18-2011

    A law is already on the books concerning a dog trespassing on private property and killing a pet on its own property.

    Why would any reasonable person want this to happen twice? It is truly heartbreaking to see your much loved and cared for pet to be murdered in this fashion. Marion County commissioners are being pressured to let this occur again on your property by the same dog before being classified as "dangerous."

  • Equal, not better 03-18-2011