• The blame game and national security

    It's unfortunate that a few readers accuse others of memory loss while their own memories abound  with distortions and omissions intended to support their own political biases. What we do remember is that the deficit has quadrupled in the first two years of the current Washington Administration and,     now in its third year, we find our economy groaning under a national debt of over fourteen trillion dollars. As these conditions worsen, the meaning of the word “prosperity” is also rapidly shrinking from memory.

  • Code violation 05-06-2011

    I recently received a code violation regarding an installation of a heat pump at a second house I rent to a client.
    I obtained a licensed contractor to obtain and install the unit. However, the contractor did not obtain the necessary permit to do the installation.

  • Put Americans first 05-06-2011

    A recent local poll revealed 84 percent of us do not want our taxes raised by any amount and in many cases, want our taxes cut! This is understandable due to the ever increasing cost of living coupled with our unemployment problem. We are being forced to live within our means, cut back in many instances just to survive. This is difficult to do, but necessary. At the same time many feel this common sense logic doesn’t apply to our government, getting upset when there is any talk of cutting back on specific programs that affect us personally.

  • Loss of memory

    How can the Tea Party members rant and rave and blame this administration for all of today's problems?

    How can they lose their memory, stick their heads in the sand and ignore the state our country was in on January 2008.

    Bush 2 was handed a $230 billion surplus from Clinton, Bush spent that $230, plus, and handed Obama $ 1 trillion deficit, how can all this be forgotten so quickly? How would you like to take over a company with a $1 Trillion deficit?

  • Infringing on property rights

    Monday night, April 18, our local Tea party hosted Don Browning, Marion County's own water czar.

    Browning introduced the Moody family, who are presently in a struggle with local government over the use of their private property for a business venture. There is a large artesan mineral well continually bubbling up from the ground and the Moody family would like to bottle this high quality water which at present is going nowhere.

  • A true citizen army

    I found these statistics on the Internet and had to laugh.  The number of licences issued  to hunters in just a few of the  states is staggering.

  • Chatting with God

    An update from the outdoor cathedral.

    God and I have been chatting again, and this is the questioned posed this time. What is religion?

    God thought a moment, and then said: Religion is empathy and contrition, but never submission. Submission or punitive actions, akin to barbarism, are not in God’s vocabulary.

    God truly wants all humans to just: “Get along.” As God intended in the first place: Remember the Garden of Eden before the apple incident?

  • Atomic energy: Wake up

    In view of Japan’s atomic catastrophe, we must evaluate our own policies in regard to energy sources. When this radiation threat is considered along with similar incidents around the world, it is time to realize that we are in a position of “clear and present” danger, a danger that is greater than ever before because of its magnitude and proximity to a large population. Another incident could be on par with an atomic bomb.

  • Who won?

    During the latest national budget process the republicans received significant cuts in programs that would help the middle class and the working poor. The republicans also asked for and received their pledge to the rich that their taxes would not be increased now and in the future.

    Who won?

    We have allowed the top 2 percent of Americans to keep their money and not sacrifice their style of living to help keep America afloat. Republicans are rejoicing that they have saved America by cutting programs that add to the deficit.

  • British answer 04-08-2011

    In a recent edition, an ultra-liberal responded to my criticism of the British National Health Service (NHS).  She didn't contest the three victims I'd cited. Instead, she theorized that someone scoured the entire British Isles to find three aberrations in a near-utopian system.

    Between 1975-79, my parents, the war-hero couple the NHS killed by rationing, and the gall-bladder-diseased young mother the NHS almost killed, lived on the same block. The couple lived two doors from one side from my parents; the young mother, four doors from the other side.