• Letters to the editor 2-10-12

    Where’s the rest of the beef?

  • Letters to the editor 2-3-2012

    What have we become?
    We have become a mass of snarling, angry, uncivil people with little tolerance for or inclination to listen to opposing political views. Far too many of us feign disinterest or the hopelessness of expecting a meaningful response from our government. Name calling (used by those of empty minds) and mud slinging have become normal as the presidential campaign muddles along.

  • Letter to the editor 1-27-2012

    Class warfare at its best
    I have never witnessed such a broad attack on our American way of life, our capitalistic system, as is now being waged by this administration and the liberal media. Painting the very successful as being the greedy enemy, promoting class warfare, making every effort to divide and conquer and to destroy America as we know it. Remember Obama’s pledge to fundamentally change our country without being questioned as to what changes?

  • Letters to the editor 12-9-2011

    Herman Cain gives in
    Today a good man gave in. I don’t care whether or not you supported Herman Cain, but you should be upset over the fact that he has been forced from running for president. Why? Because it’s been proven that any good man or woman who wishes to run for public office in this country today can be taken out of the running simply by means of accusation. Not proof …  just accusation.

  • Letters to the editor 12-2-2011

    Combine dispatch offices
    In the Oct. 26 issue of the West Marion Messenger, one of the front page articles was “Joint Emergency Dispatch Rejected.”
    After reading that article I was angry and disappointed. Angry because the city of Ocala and our county commissioners let us down again and disappointed because they are so out of touch.
    The agreement to combine the dispatch service of the county and city makes perfect sense. Not only will it cut down on multiple units showing up at the same scene it will save the taxpayers a huge amount of money.

  • Letters to the editor 11-18-2011

    Useful idiots
    It is so easy to manipulate some people. The phrase “useful idiots” sums it up very nicely. We have these “useful idiots” with us in every generation, and in our generation in abundance, since the brain manipulation started decades ago.
    Our “educated” class is a class brainwashed, and propagandized by liberal professors who hijacked our educational system decades ago. All that money for phony education. I want a refund of my tax dollars used to pay for this nonsense.

  • Letters to the editor 11-11-11

    Why blame Obama?
    Why is President Obama being blamed for the bad economy that was started during the Bush years? Where were all of the job creators during this period that House Speaker John Boehner keeps talking about and who also didn’t create jobs during the Bush or Obama years?

  • Letters to the editor 10-28-2011

    Time for tax reform
    Our IRS tax system is broken and must be replaced! It’s full of loopholes and contradictions, and is so complicated it’s nearly impossible to interpret and administer. The size of the tax code is 70,000+ pages … and still growing. Mindboggling!
    Just to comply with the requirements of the IRS code (filling out tax forms, hiring tax-preparers, etc.), the 2012 compliance costs will be $363 billion.

  • Letters to the editor 10-21-2011

    Fixing the economy

  • Letters to the editor 10-14-2011

    Saving the ducks
    The recent decision by the Ocala City Officials to destroy the ducks living and populating the public parkland has released a giant protest from the local citizenry who believe that the ducks should be left in peace and protected.
    It speaks well of those who oppose the wholesale destruction of any of God’s creatures be it beautiful ducks or otherwise. These supporters of life for the ducks are to be commended for their concern for the animal kingdom.