• A spark of light 01-28-2011

    It is unfortunate that a horrific event like the shooting in Arizona has to occur before people who dare to call themselves civilized stop and consider that words can be weapons.

    I concede that a straight line cannot be drawn from violent political rhetoric and imagery to the heinous acts of a mentally disturbed individual. It is also true that this reprehensible hate mongering cannot be exclusively pinned to one political party.

  • Educating who? 01-28-2011

    The president keeps spouting about spending money to improve education.

    My question is: Where is the fodder coming from to be educated?

    Has anyone taken note of what is available for education?

    How about the sterling specimens on the “Skins,” “Jersey Shore,” “Lady Gaga?” Without a doubt, they will make outstanding scientists, mathematicians, teachers, astronauts, and physicians.

  • Don't point fingers 01-21-2011

  • Double dipping 01-21-2011

  • Sustainable development 01-21-2011

    Sustainable Development is a premiere United Nations issue.

    It encompasses Agenda 21. If you want to become acquainted with its extremes take a look at the Zeitgeist Movement.  A check of the video “Fly Over Europe” slide #9, Copenhagen will give you a picture of sustainable development in action. The sustainable community right before your eyes.

    Sustainability is a global issue promoted, and implemented by the UN.

  • Gun licenses 01-21-2011

    To drink alcohol you must have a license.

    To get married you must have a license.

    To drive a car you must have a license.

    To buy a gun you must have enough money.

    If everyone needed a license to buy a gun you would have a better chance not to be killed because some psychotic person had enough money to buy a gun.

    The American Rifle Association thinks it is a constitutional right for anyone to get a gun. This means they believe that any criminal or psychotic has a constitutional right to kill you.

  • Shooting blame 1-14-2011

    We have many leftists blaming the Tuscon shootings on the Tea Partiers, Republicans, Fox News, etc. This is despite the fact that not a scintilla of evidence supports their claims.

    Fourteen months ago, many of these people, in the wake of the Fort Hood massacre, were calling for us to not rush to judgment, although the shooter cried out Allah's name and then began firing. And he killed 13 vs. the Arizona killer's six.

    Go figure.

    Al Shumard

    Pine Run

  • Needs testing for Social Security

    Step one: Convince Americans that the wealthy should get reduced or even no Social Security benefits.

    Step two: The wealthy will almost certainly and justifiably protest. How can they be required to pay into the system if they are never going to benefit from it?

    Step three: We enact an “opt out” provision for the wealthy and “constitutionally) if one group of Americans is allowed to opt out then that choice must be available to all Americans.

  • Business needs federal intervention

    President Barack Obama is expected to sign a bill that prevents Web merchants from selling their customers’ credit card information to third parties.

    A bill called the “Restore Online Shoppers’ Confidence Act” was passed by the U.S. House of Representativeslast week and should soon hit the desk of President Barack Obama.

  • Blood donor thanks