• Letters to the editor 12-01-2017

    Hospital at TimberRidge
    A new hospital by Munroe Regional Medical Center (MRMC) is a bad idea. First it’s just a 64 bed hospital, and would be limited by it’s size. I’ve not read anywhere, that the Florida Hospital Association, or the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Hospitals (JCAH), has come out to support the hospital. The Llaw Judge has it right.

  • Letter to the editor 09-21-2016

    Donations properly used
    There are increasing discoveries of fraudulent so-called “nonprofit charity” organizations who deceive the public with their promises that donations will be used to relieve the needs of families with children, or some other specific segment of the public.

  • Letter to the editor 01-01-2016

    The Sunshine State
    Florida is known as the Sunshine State, but the governor and the state Legislature do not believe in solar power. Florida has more than 600 miles of beaches and doesn't believe in hydro power. Florida has a shortage in drinking water and will not invest in ways to desalinate the water surrounding our state to supply our residents with drinking water.

  • Letter to the editor 12-18-2015
  • Letters to the editor 08-07-2015

    Handicapped spaces
    Last week, Editor Jim Clark discussed the lack of enforcement of handicapped parking spaces in lots in West Marion County and suggested that maybe the volunteers in the COPS program could help solve the problem.

  • Letters to the editor 05-01-2015

    Freedom and responsibility
    Recently I sat thinking about the changes that have taken place in our culture over the past 50 years. I was reminded of something I wrote as a teacher when I began noticing the change in school classroom discipline: “When people possess self-discipline, there is freedom. When self-discipline is no longer present, government steps in and takes control.” That principle seems to apply from the smallest unit of society, the family, up through our classrooms, our communities, and our country.

  • Letters to the editor 02-20-2015

    Youth needs info for project
    My name is Marie Talbert and I have chosen your wonderful state of Florida for my state report. I am in fifth grade at Conway School, which is in the farming community of Skagit County in Washington. We are one hour north of Seattle and one hour south of the Canadian border. Our community is known for our tulips and every year we hold the Tulip Festival in April.

  • Letters to the editor 01-30-2015

    Firemen and EMS plus police officers
    You may not realize it, but they are two different entities, although both are public employees. Yes, public employees.
    Let's address our fantastic firefighters-EMS people first. These men and women are trained to save our property and our lives, and it happens every single day. We pay them less than a car salesman, (how many lives do they save?), janitors, wait staff, trash collectors, etc. and actually just about anyone else. Man, are we cheapskate employers. Blame it on Republicans, and be justified.

  • Letters to the editor 5-30-2014

    When states’ rights die, America dies

  • Letters to the Editor 10-4-2013

    Andersonville POW camp was a tragedy that didn’t have to happen.
    The South had nothing to give their troops, much less these prisoners. There had been a prisoner exchange program and then the North cancelled it. Remarkably, Union officials, including President Lincoln and Secretary of War Stanton, refused personal appeals from five paroled Union prisoners from Andersonville in July 1864 to restart the exchange. The men had presented a petition signed by most of the prisoners asking for help.