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  • Ten reasons to love Israel

    A local magazine used to have a feature at the end of its publication entitled “Ten reasons why I love Ocala.”

    It featured local notables who gave their opinions on the matter.

    In honor of the 61st year of the independence of the State of Israel, I would like to offer my version of this feature by naming ten reasons (not in any particular order of importance) on why I love the State of Israel.

    l. Israel is the land of the Bible and the spiritual home of the

    Jewish people.

  • Pursuit of happiness may include ice cream cones

    The author, Marci Shimoff, suggests that when you’re happy for no reason, you bring happiness to your outer experiences rather than trying to extract happiness from them. You live from happiness, rather than for happiness.

    Thomas Jefferson really meant by the pursuit of happiness to practice, not chase after it. Most people seem to do the latter.

    Instead of focusing on problems and obstacles, let’s focus on what’s already good. We should make a habit of appreciating and being grateful for what we do have.

    Concert on Saturday

  • Wheels enjoy thrills and chills

    Whoever said that bicycle riding cannot be fun? Palm Cays “Thrills on Wheels” bicycle group decided to park the bikes and treat themselves to some good old-fashioned ice cream Sunday evening.

    As the group of bicyclists has grown with friends from neighboring communities as well, we all decided to park the bikes and treat one another to various flavors of ice cream, and enjoy the warm breezes by the Oasis poolside.

    After the ice cream disappeared... the riders were back on their wheels and enjoyed a ride around the Palm Cay community.

  • Conspiracy and treason fill the pages

    When the motorcade carrying Democratic Presidential candidate Josh Hamilton and his Vice-President is ambushed, terrorists are the assumed culprits even though Hamilton had been trailing the Republicans badly and was not expected to win.

    On the day of the incident, Secret Service agent Maria Rivera is on the job and scanning the crowds for anyone suspicious.

  • How to put a shine on an old sneaker

    On rare occasions we indulge in frivolous observations for our own entertainment and that of our readers. Parade Magazine’s annual “What People Earn” feature offered an opportunity to frivol a bit.

    Parade’s income report offers a temptation for average folks to indulge their envy of celebrities’ earnings. It isn’t exactly class envy, because celebrities aren’t a class, and many of them don’t have any class. What they do have are agents who know how to negotiate big contracts.

  • How many books have you read?

    Adrienne Schneeweiss of Spruce Creek Preserve has read over 7000 books including popular fiction, mysteries, autobiographies, and historicals. When Adrienne attended the Friends spring book sale to replenish her supply, she brought along the list of books she has read and discussed it with library supervisor, Heather Ogilvie. The list is alphabetical both by title and by author. It’s now so large that she keeps a printed copy in a notebook that she carries with her. The master list is on her computer database for easy updating.

  • Prepare for the postal increase

    Postal rates for first-class mail will go up May 11. In preparation, the U.S. Postal Service is encouraging the purchase of “Forever Stamps.”

    A Forever Stamp purchased today at the current price of 42 cents a stamp will mail a one-ounce letter this year, next year, every year — without additional postage.

    For the majority of us who have an accumulation of several types of stamps with varying first class rates and another group of one-cent and two-cent stamps to add on to those to make them usable, the Forever Stamp makes sense.

  • Special dog gets massage therapy

     Robert Redford made talking to horses an acceptable practice in the Oscar-nominated film, “The Horse Whisperer.” In fact, bona fide horse whisperers have been around for eons, taming even the wildest stallions.

    Today, TV’s popular dog whisperer, Cesar Millan, of the “Animal Planet” channel, helps families learn to correct bad pet behavior by proper communication. Using his advice, Hospice massage therapist Paige Cushman has picked up numerous tips on how to work with pets.

  • Palm Cay artists part of painted chair fundraiser

    Our very own Palm Cay residents, Ed Giovanelli, Phyllis Kellogg, Bill Haussmann, Susan Lokken and Jean Selent have put their artistic talents to work turning ordinary chairs into works of art.

    They, as well as other artists in Marion County, are offering these beautiful chairs to be auctioned off on May 2 to benefit the Stirrups ‘n’ Strides Therapeutic Riding Center in Marion County.