Today's News

  • School Board members take office

    The Marion County School Board has new leadership following elections at a reorganizational meeting Tuesday morning.

  • About the election

    Republicans realized a major victory on Nov. 2. Far-left Liberals - rather than admitting their past errors and expressing a desire to work with the Republicans too correct them - opted to justify their loss with statements like these (these are actual far-left quotes): “American voters are fickle and dumb.” This sentiment once applied only to Republicans. Then too Republicans and Tea Partyers.

  • Agenda for cutting spending

    Dear Congressmen:

    This is a citizens’ agenda for cutting spending.

    Social Security, and Medicare are last on the list.

    Our cut and eliminate list:

    1. IRS: gone. Replaced with Fair Tax.

    2. U.N.: Revoke our membership, and eliminate all agencies that implement U.N. regulations in the U.S. This will rid us of sustainable development, Agenda 21, and a lot of other globalization schemes.

    3. Education Department: Gone. Education: Back to the states where it belongs.

  • Veterans and schools: the right decision

    Last week at Veterans Memorial Park in Ocala, on Veterans Day, Nov. 11, there was a ceremony to honor those who have served our country.

    It was a proud moment for Marion County. The park was packed with a crowd estimated at about 3,000 people, much larger than most any event ever at the park, and except for the Christmas parade, big football games and Silver Springs concerts, possibly the largest gathering anywhere in the county.

    Of course, part of the crowd was a captive audience with a multitude of school children in attendance.

  • Judi's Journal

    The other day I went to buy a little decoration for a Thanksgiving package I was bringing to a friend. To my surprise, (and maybe I shouldn’t have been) there were no Thanksgiving stickers or ornaments left. I was vaguely referred to the 70 percent off display which only had a few shopworn turkeys, some baskets and a worn out sign that read, “Give thanks,” aptly made in China, of course.

  • Upcoming events

    Saturday, Nov. 20

    Share food orders available

    Share food order pick-up for Ocala West United Methodist Church will be on Saturday, Nov. 20, from 9 to 11 a.m. at 9330 S.W. 105th St. You may also place orders for December at that time. Additional sign-up day will be on Wednesday, Dec. 1. Online ordering is available at www.shareflorida.org.

    Openings for coordinators, leaders and volunteers are needed. Training is provided. Call 352-861-0904 for more information.

    Get hands dirty at Violet Club

  • Marion County Sheriff's reports

    An Ocala man was arrested after he allegedly attacked a former girlfriend in her home and stole her cell phone.

    A deputy responded to the home on Southwest 55th Avenue because of an open phone line to 911. The calltaker advised they could hear a disturbance in the background.

    The victim told the deputy that Kenneth James Purter, 42, had accused her of talking to other men. The couple broke up a couple of months ago.

  • Oak Run news

    Guess they figure if pancake breakfast is held on the usual fourth Saturday everyone will still be too full of turkey. So this month you should go to the Orchid Club tomorrow, Saturday, Nov. 20, to get your delicious pancakes, sausages, juice and coffee or tea from 8 to 10 a.m.

    Friends of the Library

  • County officials sworn in

    Newly elected county commissioners Kathy Bryant and Carl Zalak III officially joined the board at Tuesday morning’s meeting.

    In addition, new chairman Stan McClain conducted his first meeting, and the board voted to change one meeting a month to the evening hours.

    Bryant, 41, and Zalak, 31, were sworn in by Judge David Eddy. Other members of the board are McClain, vice chair Charlie Stone and Mike Amsden.

    Bryant replaces Jim Payton as District 2 representative. Payton chose not to run again.

  • America spoke, now listen

    Over and over again, the masses have expressed concern over our country’s direction, but the Obama administration and the Democrats have failed to listen. Despite a record crowd of over 500,000 law-abiding citizens at the Aug. 28 Washington rally, Obama admitted to not paying any attention to them. Despite 70 percent disapproval of “Obama Care,” he and the liberals pushed it through, not even knowing some of the consequences of doing so.