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  • Marion Landing 09-02-2011

    By Diane Bress

  • Oak Run news 09-02-2011

    The September Oak Run Newsletter and channel 12 said the blood drive would be on Sept. 1. When the posters arrived in the mail, it was discovered that the bus wasn’t coming until Sept. 8. Your columnist, who does the publicity for the blood drive, humbly apologizes to anyone who went to Palm Grove yesterday and didn’t find a bus. It will be here on Thursday, Sept. 8, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

  • Out to Pastor 09-02-2011

    I cannot speak for anybody else; in fact, I have a hard enough time speaking for myself. Thankfully, I have those who have volunteered to speak on my behalf on a variety of issues. This has been good, relieving me the necessity of expressing myself. But, as people keep telling me, all things must end sometime.
    As far as I am concerned, I have had enough. There is absolutely no use in trying to talk me out of it; I have had enough.

  • Pun Alley 09-02-2011

    Labor Day, celebrated since 1882, signifies the end of summer for those who live up north where the weather has already started cooling off. For us it’s a long weekend away from work where we can relax at the beach or join in some fun activities. Make reading Pun Alley one of these fun activities.
    A raise from the boss
    The nagging wife told her husband that he had not been sufficiently explicit with the boss when he asked for a raise.

  • Devious debt and deficit double-talk

    The difficulty among the House, Senate, and president in reaching a debt and deficit agreement for the coming fiscal year was that they were discussing fictional numbers as if they were real.
    For decades federal budgeting and spending has been designed to obscure the ambitions and intentions of Washington politicians and bureaucrats. It’s called baseline budgeting. The object is to give the impression that legislators are providing more services without voting for more spending.

  • Labor Day a tough reminder for some

    Many years ago, Labor Day was established to honor the working people of our land, and that is still the purpose of the holiday.
    Up north, it marks the end of summer, but down here it has little effect on the people because of the weather.
    For now, Labor Day is a bittersweet reminder of the hard times that we are going through economically in the United States.

  • More about our local school buses

    As you may have guessed, I’m not a particularly big fan of school buses or school zones. There’s a letter from Kevin Christian of the School Board office in today’s paper, and he’s defending the delays on the first day of school.
    All right, I’ll give him the fact that it was the first day, and it may have taken a little longer to get children acclimated to make sure they knew which bus to take on the way home.
    Here are a couple of points, however.

  • OTOW Happenings 09-02-2011

    By Eloise Hollyfield

    Travel, diabetes and vision testing, and an important charity event highlight this week’s OTOW Happenings.
    Fun Time Travelers
    Fun Time Travelers Group has two upcoming trips this fall, one to Helen, Georgia and the other to ports in the Western Caribbean.

  • Marion County Sheriff's Reports for 9-2-2011

    A robbery at a home on Southwest 50th Circle resulted in a short chase and three arrests.
    The victim of the robbery tried to stop the suspects from fleeing by hanging on to the car, but was thrown clear as they sped off.

  • Upcoming events week of 9-2-2011

    Saturday, Sept. 3

    Chess club to meet

    The chess club that formed at the Freedom Public Library meets the first Saturday of the month, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.
    Grab your board and chess pieces and come on down.
    Interested persons are invited to attend for a rousing game of chess.
    It’s your move! For more information, call Ron at 352-873-2276.

    Historical Novel Society to meet