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  • Do corporations have an afterlife?

    Have you talked directly to your bank corporation lately? How about your insurance corporation, your telephone corporation, your investment corporation or your credit card corporation?

    “Silly,” you say? You are right. Corporations have no ears, no tongue, and no bodily functions. They do have relatives and offspring, however. They’re called holding companies and subsidiary corporations.

  • Ocala woman

    arrested at Bealls

    On Dec.1, a loss prevention employee for the Beall’s Outlet spotted a shopper selecting two toys and then putting them into a bag, according to a sheriff’s report. The woman then passed all points of sale without stopping and was apprehended outside the store.

    Anita C. Lesner, 49, of Ocala, was arrested and charged with petty retail theft. She was given a notice to appear in court.

    The toys were valued at $58.95.

    Suspect takes

    off with vodka

  • Heroes keep light of hope burning

    They were a ragtag group of Jewish farmers led by an aged priest and religious leader. They had no training in warfare and their religion promoted peace.

    In the beginning of their struggle they refused to fight on the Sabbath, incurring many casualties as a result. They dared to take on the mightiest army of their day and for three years waged guerilla warfare against their foes, culminating in victory.

  • Christmas 1914 and 94 years later

    As we approach the holidays, it seems that our understanding of a tradition may be about to end and it is heartbreaking. The down and dirty of it is that as grandchildren get older, they are less inclined to accept the fantasies that we, the grandparents weave for them in the expectation that they will be children forever — at least in our minds.

  • Spread your musical wings

    Our newest Songbird dropped into the clubhouse on a Wednesday. She said she could only stay for a few minutes.

    Guess what? Not only did she stay for the entire practice – she had so much fun she joined the flock.

    We aren’t high-toned Songbirds – if you love music we’ll take you under our wing even if you “can’t carry a tune,” are shy or have a game wing. You don’t have to read music – and no dues.

  • We’ll be caroling in the Glen

    This is that time of the year when we find the days are getting their shortest. That’s just in daylight but I’m sure that you (like me) feel as if the time is shorter, also. There’s not enough time in the day to prepare for the holidays.

  • Cherrywood Democrats to host leaders at Christmas party

    The Cherrywood Democrats have invited Commissioner Barbara Fitos, 200 Coalition president Pat Gabriel, columnist Nancy Archer and her husband Frank, and activities director Geri Waltrouse to the annual Christmas party Friday, Dec. 19.

    Members, bring your spouse or significant other and let Harriet Scarpino know what dish you plan to bring. Additionally, remember your grab bag item ($5 limit).

    We ask that you remember the young people serving our country and make a donation toward their needs through the Support Our Soldiers committee or a veterans’ organization.

  • “It came to me in a dream!

    I’ll protect the aquifer!”


  • Woman scams Corridor churches

    A Marion County woman, who is accused of going to area churches requesting prayer for her sick daughter, was arrested on Dec. 12 for scamming some Corridor churches of money. On Dec. 5, a sheriff’s deputy went to Crossroads Community Church on S.W. 60th Avenue to talk to them about their encounter with the woman.

    The woman allegedly came to the church in late September or early October and asked for parishioners to pray for her sick child, who was in need of an a kidney transplant, according to a sheriff’s report.

  • Residents recycle e-junk

    Instead of putting their old computer monitors, printers and televisions out at the end of the road, Marion County residents are opting for a greener solution to disposing of their electronic junk.

    Walter Edwards dropped off about a dozen electronic discards on Household Electronic Recycling day to do his part in making the world a little greener. His old items, which included a keyboard and PC monitor, had been sitting around his house for years. “I am happy they had this today,” he said.