Today's News

  • It’s a taxing situation that’s certain

    It’s often been said that death and taxes are both certain. However, death isn’t annual. That national day of reckoning comes again next Wednesday when your income tax is due. Even if you still have to do your tax return, stop and take a trip down Pun Alley. It may be the only chance you get to have a laugh before April 15.


    “Who can tell me what caused the American Revolution to break out?” the teacher asked her history class.

    “Taxation,” replied a student.

  • Mother’s Day breakfast just around the corner

    Didn’t see anyone from Marion Landing at the SECO annual meeting with the lucky number for that $1,000 check, or even one of those $500 versions. SECO never seems to have a problem … or even an issue … with getting a quorum in case members have to vote on something. There may come a day when our board might want to consider some kind of similar incentive to assure achieving that magical number of residents for a legitimate voting session. Free coffee and donuts would work for me.

    Mother’s Day Breakfast coming up

  • Ladies get ready for Spring fashion show

    The Ladies Luncheon group would like to fill the clubhouse for next month’s luncheon on Wednesday May 13 at noon.  Second Chance Consignment shop will be hosting a Fashion Show.  Please come out and join us.  It will be a great day!

    Just bring a covered dish to share

    The ladies enjoyed an  Easter egg hunt at the April luncheon.  The door prize was won by Lynn Battis and our 50/50 winners were Norma Briggs, Connie Neubaur and Carol Henn. 

    Country Music Dance

  • Eat ice cream and watch the stranger among us

    Everyone in Oak Run is invited to attend the Jewish Social Club’s movie and ice cream night, Wednesday, May 6, in the Orchid Club. The movie will be “A Stranger Among Us,” in which a blond schikse detective solves a murder in New York City’s diamond district Hassidic community. Tickets will be on sale Friday, April 24, and Saturday, April 25, from 9 to 11 a.m. in the Orchid Club lobby.

  • Tampering of trucks causes oil spill

    Two men apparently attempting to steal diesel fuel from Rooms to Go delivery trucks Sunday morning, March 29, were responsible for an oil spill that required a clean-up by an environmental company.

    An estimated 50 gallons of diesel was dumped on the ground and possibly ran into a small retention pond on the property at 2832 S.W. College Road.

    Ocala firefighters responded to the scene after Rooms to Go employees arriving for work noticed two subjects tampering with the fuel tanks of the trucks parked in the rear parking lot.

  • Take a look at President’s actions and read the agenda

    It’s been a couple of months now since we got ourselves a new Democratic administration, so it’s about time we took an overview of the President’s campaign slogans of “change” and “hope”.

    In this short period of time we are already so deep into government intervention that constitutional objections are just swept aside. 

    The last Treasury Secretary brought the nine largest banks into his office and informed them that he was now their partner. 

  • Horseshoe pitchers invite others to join their fun

    It’s Easter and Passover time. Let’s hope we all, in this free country, worship at our church or synagogue of our choice.

    Spruce Creek North’s Horseshoe Pitchers are the featured group for this weeks’ column. Richard Simmons is the chairperson for the Pitchers. At this time there are only six guys. They are a wonderful bunch of fellas .. well most of them anyway. (Just kiddin’ guys).

  • Economy hitting Marion County horse farms

    The editor of the Florida Horse magazine, Mike Compton, gave insight into the impact of the horse industry on Marion County and its status when he spoke this week at the regular monthly meeting of the S.R. 200 Coalition.

    Compton discussed the business in Ocala/Marion County and how it affects the area.

    During his presentation, he showed several short videos that helped to illustrate the industry.

  • If we get caught doing this, it’s your fault

    Senior citizens like to spin tales about walking two miles to school and two miles home, in rain and snow, wearing shoes with holes, and over roads that were uphill in both directions. 

    Ignoring senior hyperbole, most Americans who completed eighth grade prior to World War II were culturally literate.  They were able to read newspapers and books, write understandable English, use pre-algebra mathematics, and discuss the basics of history, geography, and science.  There were no bilingual classes for those who came from non-English-speaking households.

  • Easter bunny hops to Liberty Park

    They did not have to stay up into the wee hours on Easter Eve hoping to get a glimpse of the Easter bunny. They got a chance to touch and hug him several days before. 

    About 25 local children, gathered at Liberty Community Park on the Tuesday before Easter Sunday to take part in the Brown Bag Bunny Brunch, sponsored by Marion County Parks and Recreation Department. The children, aged two to five, did crafts, played games and collect colorful eggs during the Easter egg hunt, which was hosted by “Mr. Bunny.”