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  • Met any likeable blue dogs lately?

    What’s with the Blue Dog Democrats? They are using all kinds of excuses to justify their treasonous behavior to the party. Don’t they realize that through their actions, these so-called Democrats are imperiling everything fought for?

    Or is it just another case of politics as usual.

    From what rooftop do we have to yell to get them to pay attention? It looks like they’re thinking about two years ahead.

    You don’t take over eight years of a disaster and expect it to change overnight.

  • Talk Talk is fast-moving detective thriller

    From the first hint of a developing identity-theft crisis to full-blooming chaos, T. C. Boyle’s novel Talk Talk will have you on the edge of your seat or biting your nails. It’s not quite a thriller but more of a fast-moving detective story within an emotional melodrama.

  • Vintage airplanes ee" in miniature ee" to fly over OTOW

    After reading this announcement, go over to your calendar and put a large colored circle around Saturday, April 25. Why?  This is a day of fun in the sunshine at the On Top of the World’s RC Flying Field where the third annual  Society of Antique Modelers (SAM)  radio control vintage model airplane fly-in will be taking place.

    Roving columnist Bob Woods said he was told by the event coordinator, Jerry Asner, that this year’s fly-in has even more SAM members registering.

  • Resistance during Nazi occupation remembered

    The world has seen the pictures. 

    Juden Verboten signs in shop windows and in parks, public humiliation of Jewish citizens in the streets of European cities and towns, descecration of synagogues and Jewish institutions.

    The world has seen the pictures.

    “The Final Solution.”  Jews rounded up and forced into cattle cars for a trip into oblivion, the labor and extermination camps, the emaciated prisoners of the camps, more skeleton than human. 

    The world has seen the pictures. 

  • True-to-form Ann Rule on top of suspense

    True crime maven Ann Rule digs into her files for this 2008 collection of under-publicized murders involving vulnerable women and sociopaths. Kate Jewell, an attractive thirty- something flight attendant, was not looking for Mr. Right but thought she stumbled on him serendipity. A vibrantly healthy woman, she was feeling unaccountably sluggish when she checked herself into Bayview Medical Group and met John Brandon, a naturopathic doctor.

  • Learning to suffer socialistic capitalism

    In the midst of our serious recession, folks wonder why the yahoo days of capitalism are eventually followed by periods of economic calamity.

    Capitalism was recorded way back in Genesis (Abram was very rich in livestock, silver, and gold Genesis 13:2). And there have always been good periods and bad times (Genesis 41).

    Capitalists like Abram owned the private wealth necessary to produce goods and services people would buy.

    Skilled and unskilled employees work for capitalists. They spend their wages buying stuff made by other capitalists. 

  • Stang - Op-ed Cartoon

    Here’s my bill for aging an extra hour, plus $5 for my gas bill.

  • Are you turning purple yet?

    Thursday is the day. Next Thursday, April 16. Remember? It’s the day we hope that all of our readers will turn purple. It’s a time when both individuals and businesses can help raise awareness for the upcoming  Relay for Life.

    Put purple balloons on your business door – or purple lettering on a marquee. Paint your hair purple. Or maybe your grass.  Anything, to help turn the Corridor purple for the day.

  • Relay for Life event building momentum

    Corridor businesses Thursday got into the spirit of the fight against cancer as they decorated their store fronts with purple, greeted customers dressed in purple, and in many other ways helped to “paint the town purple.”

    The spirit of the day is expected to move right into the upcoming American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life May 1 and 2 at West Port High School.

    The Relay for Life is an all-night event used to remember, honor, and raise money for cancer victims.

    The theme for this year is “Surfing for a Cure to Wipe Out Cancer.”

  • Folk tales and facts part of county museum

    One of a series

    If you think Ocala and Marion County has become all about shopping malls, sprawling development and inconsiderate drivers, take a break to learn what life was like in Marion County from the 1700s on into the 1950s by visiting the Marion County Museum of History at the McPherson Government Complex.

    Early history, as well as more recent Florida history, is well-documented with a variety of displays.