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  • Marion Landing news 02-12-0216




  • cherrywood news 02-12-2016

    By John Everlove

    Cherrywood held one of its most sucessful Craft Shows ever on Saturday, Feb. 6. The clubhouse was filled with hundreds of eager shoppers and a capacity number of vendors. Artisans of every bent were on hand to sell everything from wind chimes to Afghans; jewelry and purses; ceramic goods to knitted clothing and many more items.

  • Deputies, dogs visit OTOW

    By Patricia Woodbury

     The January meeting of the OTOW Community Patrol was very special as we had deputies from the K-9 Unit. Deputies Todd Winkler and Matt Hooper came with their dogs to tell us how the unit functions and show some of the techniques for which the dogs are trained.

  • Joy Lutheran pastor retires

    By Patricia A. Woodbury

     There were few dry eyes on Sunday, Jan. 31, at the Retirement Celebration for Pastor Edward L. Holloway, Jr. Many of the church members, family members and community friends such as several pastors from the area and a rotary member attended this event. It began with a worship service at 10 a.m. in which Pastor Holloway presided for the last time. He also took the opportunity to baptize his newest grandson, Colin Holloway.

  • I-75 Task Force eager for details

    By Mike Wright
    Citrus County Chronicle
    The task force charged with finding a relief plan for Interstate 75 heard plenty of information Monday, but several members are antsy for details.
    The I-75 Relief Task Force met at the National Guard Armory in Crystal River, its second meeting since being formed by the Department of Transportation. It has meetings planned in each of the six counties in the study area, and plans to have a recommendation by August.

  • Marion Landing news 01-15-2016

    By Diane Bress

  • Oak Run news 01-15-2016

    By Laura Smith

    Dear readers, this was another busy week. Seeing that we are all retired I would imagine all of our weeks are busy even if you do not belong to any group. Does your week go like this? There are doctor’s appointments, a friend in the hospital needs a visit, time for termite inspection, trip to store for prescription, on and on. That is all well and good but we still need to find time to have fun because that is what we were looking for when we retired, wasn’t it?

  • Cherrywood news 01-15-2016

    By John Everlove

    Members of the Veterans Helping Veterans were the guest speakers at this month’s Cherrywood Veterans Club. They are doing exciting things for the veterans of Marion County including the establishment of a Veterans Service Center; assisting vets with financing their homes and other financial services and teaming up with Habitat for Humanity to repair and build homes for qualifying veterans here.

  • Community calendar week of 01-15-2016

    Saturday, Jan. 16

    Crime prevention workshop

        Whether we like it or not, crime affects everyone.  Whatever the crime, there are at least two victims. The first is the person(s) who suffers the loss or injury.  The second victim is the community. 

       Metro Crime Prevention of Florida Safety Programs are designed to help citizens take back control over their lives and to stop living in fear.  They show us how to restore our personal and civic freedoms and re-unite us as a community.

  • Pun Alley 01-15-2016

    By Dick Frank

    With the end of the holiday season, clearance sales of all kinds have been taking place. Lots of good items that just didn’t sell earlier and specials that didn’t fit in with buyers’ plans are being cleared out.

    Here in Pun Alley the situation is similar. Good stories that didn’t fit in any of the themes of last year’s columns have accumulated. Today you get to read them in our own clearance event.

    A needle in time