• Marion Landing 12-01-2017

    By Diane Bress

  • Oak Run news 12-01-2017

    By Laura Smth

  • Cherrywood news 12-01-2017

    By John Everlove

  • Spruce Creek North 12-01-2017

    By Patricia Bonay
    Christmas Time is here again and its time to share your favorite Christmas cookies. Spruce Creek North annual “cookie swap” will take place, Sunday Dec. 10 beginning at 2 pm. at the Clubhouse.
    How does this work? You bring a dozen or so of your favorite homemade  Christmas cookies and then take home a dozen or so of your neighbors homemade cookies.  It has been proven to be quite fun, sharing family traditional Christmas cookie recipes.

  • OTOW news 09-01-2017

    Encore Collaborative Theater Club

    In 2016 a clever duo, Sharon “Squirt” Spivey James and June Osteen, wrote a script for a play with the Golden Girls moving to The Villages. After five sold out performances in their community, they agreed to allow Encore to collaborate their script and perform their rendition in OTOW. Thus, the name change to The Golden Girls Move to On Top of the World.

  • Cherrywood 09-01-2017

    By John Everlove

    On Tuesday, Aug. 22 Cherrywood held its annual Norm Pellerin Memorial Nine Ball Tournament. For a record fifth time, Larry Murray immerged as the winner. For the second time in history, he has won back to back; winning two years in a row.

    The competition was rugged this year with 17 entrants including our players from the Ladies Traveling Team. Holly Bragdon was the first lady to make it to the finals finishing in second place. Mick James finished third.

  • Oak Run news 09-01-2017

    By Laura Smith

  • Marion Landing 08-25-2017

    By Diane Bress

  • Cherrywood 08-25-2017

    Community Labor Day Pool & Pizza Party - Friday, Sept. 1, 6-9:30 p.m. - Pizza and watermelon, 2 pizza slices pp (pepperoni, plain, combo or veggie) You will need to decide what kind of pizza you want before getting your ticket - Serving 6:15 to 6:45- Entertainment by The Sugarbear Band - Tickets free for residents.

    Movie Night - Showing at the Clubhouse on Tuesday, Sept. 5 at 7 p.m., “La La Land” starring Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone. Free for Cherrywood residents. Lemonade; comfortable pool chairs to sit in.

  • Cherrywood news 04-21-2017

    By John Everlove

    Our Cherrywood range day was a complete success. Sixteen shooters came out to improve their marksmanship and weapon familiarity including first time shooter Joan Siegel. From all reports, she did excellent and enjoyed herself.