• Join the mah-jongg madness

    The holidays are over and some people say they are glad, but I really enjoy the Christmas and Hanukkah seasons. It’s hectic but it brings out the good in a lot of people. So the holidays and my birthday are over for another year.

    Really could do without the birthday. It is awful to have a birthday in January. I am always on a diet.

    Mah-jongg Madness

    This column is featuring the Mah-jongg Ladies. Not that the club is restricted to women but, so far, we haven’t found a man brave enough to join.

  • Bald is beautiful at the Oasis

    Hello Readers: Let us hope that you feel warmer now. Wow … that was a bit of a cold spell!

    From the conversations going around Palm Cay, Crystal Gage’s performance was simply outstanding. She sought out gentlemen in the audience endowed with but little “hair on top” of their heads, and crooned a ballad all the while stroking their heads. The audience loved it and laughter reigned. See, gentlemen, bald is beautiful.

  • Landing’s ‘Wurst’ Super Bowl bash

    Understand the Bill Wurst’s IV Annual Super Bowl Party will be this Sunday for all those real and wannabe fans of either the Arizona Cardinals or Pittsburgh Steelers.

    They’ll be watching the action glued to our big 5- by 8-ft. Lifestyle Center screen. If you haven’t gotten tickets by now, you’re probably out of luck.

    Squelching a Rumor

    It is not true that Harriet Showah has put snow tires on her Segway. She assures one and all that the all-weather tires are doing just fine, thank you.

    MLCC makes changes

  • Vaccine available at shingles clinic

    We’re having a Shingles Clinic at the Clubhouse on Friday, Feb. 6, from 1 to 3 p.m. Shingles vaccine will be available. We need a minimum of 25 people, so get your name on the list. Call Geri Watrouse at 237-1675 for more information.

    Ladies Luncheon

    January’s Luncheon had a very small turnout, with only 18 ladies in attendance. The door prize went to Joan Siegle. The 50/50 winners were Joan Siegle, Nancy Archer and Connie Neubaur.

  • Dance on down to the Cultural Center

    An article in the Ladies Home Journal bears thinking about. It suggests that we cultivate curiosity and a sense of wonder. Some get so comfortable with routine that they close off other options.

    Learning something new or enjoying a new experience are ways to enhance curiosity. Curious people live longer, are happier and less prone to depression and anxiety. They become more creative and energetic.

    Cultural Center

  • Progress played to a packed house

    Just down the road apiece the Spruce Creek Preserve ballroom was a veritable hub of activity the afternoon of Jan. 19 as representatives of Progress Energy erected Community Partnership Information Centers throughout this great room for the sole purpose of informing and discussing information concerning the building of a nuclear plant and the three suggested routes of transmission lines.

  • Property appraiser to visit the Oasis

    Hello readers: Villie Smith and his staff from the Property Appraisers Office will visit the Oasis on Tuesday, Jan. 27, from 2:45 to 3:45 p.m. New residents would be advised to come down to discuss their needs in filing for homestead exemption and tangible personal property.

    Information needed to file is available at the clubhouse or for more information, call 368-8315 for exemption questions, and 368-8321 for personal property questions.

    Crystal Gage Concert

  • ‘Can’t Help Singing’ honors Paul Reichlyn

    The program formerly known as “Can’t Help Singing” will now be called “The Paul Reichlyn Can’t Help Singing Show” in honor of a greatly beloved performer who recently died. The next performance will be Saturday, Jan. 31, from 7 to 9 p.m. at Palm Grove.

    Residents and friends are invited, but with one stipulation. You will be required to have a smile on your face upon entering.

    It is our pleasure to make your night out a pleasant and enjoyable one. Expect the unexpected. Comments are welcome, e-mail to RalphDragotto @aol.com.

  • Garden Club perpetrates a cover-up

    Just down the road apiece one of our “on the corner” neighbors came home one afternoon not too long ago to discover that a huge white structure had been erected adjacent to her back yard. It seems the Marion County water department maintenance workers had built this enclosure to house the long-existing community lift station mechanism.

    Soon the Preserve Garden Club came to the rescue, armed with shovels, shrubs and water – and determined to lessen the impact of this large white box’s existence.

  • Thanks for supporting the troops

    A sincere thank you to all who contributed to ensure the Christmas 2008 party was our best ever. Volunteers for setup and cleanup enabled us all to enjoy the festivities. Plenty of delicious food, cakes, cookies, and soft drinks. Everyone had a gift from the grab bag.

    We were pleased that County Commissioner Barbara Fitos and her father, 200 Coalition President Pat Gabriel, Delphine Herbert of Marions for Peace, activities director Geri Watrouse and Frank, and Nancy Archer our writer for the South Marion Citizen were able to attend and enjoy the festivities.