• Give a little • it won’t hurt

    Bloodmobiles from Florida’s Blood Centers will be at Palm Grove on Wednesday, March 4 from noon to 5 p.m. and Thursday, March 5 from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. Those who donated at Oak Run on Thursday, Jan. 8, will not be eligible until March 5.

    Have you been thinking about donating but just haven’t gotten around to it? Are you afraid it will hurt?

  • Learn to paint at Debbie’s classes

    Have you ever wondered how artists paint such beautiful scenes? Debbie Blackburn can bring out the best in you. She teaches the Bob Ross technique of painting.

    This month’s project and the sign-up book are in the Clubhouse. Classes are $35 and unless otherwise posted, include canvases, paints, brushes, and everything you need. Just bring some paper towels and a desire to paint.

    Songbird Notes

  • Faces of the Open House Committee

    Just down the road apiece this columnist didn’t promise you a rose garden in last week’s column. However, you were promised a picture of the Preserve Open House Committee.

    The members missing in the picture are Nancy Anderson and Jean Lanzilatta.

    These women are all dedicated volunteers who contribute an invaluable service by providing prospective homebuyers with important information concerning our beautiful community.

    From Koebbe’s Kitchen

    This tasty recipe makes enough cookies to share with the neighbors.

  • Patrol is worth its weight in gold

    Marion Landing Patrol president Rich Toneske suggested it might be useful to provide newer community residents with an update on how the patrol came to be, what it does and who makes it happen for the security of all of us. “We need their help,” he said.

    I’ve heard of some newcomers saying, “Hey, I came down here to retire, not to get involved.” We’re all here to retire, but that’s certainly not the attitude that has made Marion Landing the great address it has become.

  • Hop to it for ‘Hop’ tickets

    Hello Readers: Whew! Here we go again, just when you thought the cold spell had vanished, the “woollies” have to reappear. March came in like a lion, so perhaps we shall see it leave like a lamb as the saying goes. Stay warm out there.

    Person of the Week

    Russell Irish was born in Haynesville, Maine on July 25, 1918. He was the seventh of 10 children and during his early years, he worked with his father in the logging business.

  • Get your art show and charity dance tickets

    All members of the Art Club of Oak Run will be represented at the Fine Arts Show on Saturday, March 7, from 1 to 4 p.m., at the Palm Grove Club. Enjoy the paintings, drawings and photography, many of which will be for sale.

    There will be free refreshments. A drawing for the beautiful watercolor, “Poppies,” by Mary Trowbridge will be held. Tickets for the drawing will be available in the Orchid Club lobby at the pancake breakfast on Feb. 28. For more information, call Helen Harrell.

    ‘50s and ‘60s

    Charity Dance

  • Moving in or out - we can help

    Just down the road apiece the following information is submitted by Preservist Jean Bildsten for inclusion in this week’s community column.

    Spruce Creek Preserve

    Open House Committee

    Just southwest of County Road 484 on State Road 200, sits a special resident-owned community, Spruce Creek Preserve. The gated community of 675 homes is surrounded on three sides by 4,000 acres of state forest.

  • Spring for Spring Dance tickets

    Tickets for the Spring Dance on March 14, sponsored by the Palm Cay Line Dancers, are on sale Feb. 23, 24 and March 2 and 3 from 10 a.m. to noon and cost $5. There will be a 50/50 drawing and door prizes.

    Pancake Breakfast

    Breakfast, along with the fellowship of friends and neighbors, is yours for the sum of $3 at the Pancake Breakfast tomorrow, Feb. 21. Not only is the food fine, but one can catch up on the various activities people are doing.

  • Cherrywood Dems making plans

    We will make plans Feb. 20 to determine what we need to do to work with our elected representatives at the local and national levels to assist them where possible in their efforts to solve the enormous mess the country is facing. We shall also be considering the new ownership changes at Cherrywood and how they affect us all.

  • Get ready for the ‘Ivory Show’

    Identity theft has become more prevalent since the economic recession that began in 2007. Lost or stolen wallets, checkbooks, and debit and credit cards are the most common means of fraud. It’s easy to lose or have them stolen if we don’t keep aware at all times when using them.

    Women are more likely to be fraud victims than men. The focus on theft is mainly in stores and restaurants. Women regularly frequent those places.