• Talented neighbors perform in free show tomorrow

    The Paul Reichlyn “Can’t Help Singing” show will perform on Saturday, March 28, from 7 to 9 p.m. at Palm Grove. Come watch your talented neighbors. We have been entertaining folks in Oak Run for seven years. The required admission is still just a smile on your face. Bring a friend.

    Garden Club Plant Sale

  • Herman and Ruth Daldin share their interesting life story

    Spring, a beautiful time of year! Get out the watering cans. New shoots are appearing on shrubs and flowers and they need attention! It will be worth the effort when friends come a-calling, and oooh and ahhh at the beautiful results of your efforts!

    With the warmer weather come wild four-legged beasties! There have been sightings of coyotes in Palm Cay.

  • Retirees can learn from youngster’s philosophy

    “Let’s take the bouldering mistakes of the past, and the road-blocking challenges of the present, and build them into stairs that support our climb into the future.”

    The author of those words, Mattie J. T. Stepanek, died at the age of 14 of a rare case of muscular dystrophy. Stepanek had a great head on his shoulders and was old beyond his years.

    His statement can be taken a great many ways. It brings to mind the ways some of us have been out of balance in our lives. The future doesn’t have to be a repeat of the past.

  • Little Theatre group set for upcoming performance

    Hope you’ve gotten your tickets for our Little Theatre Group’s upcoming performance on March 21. This Donna Taylor production reminds us what it was like last time you and I tried to recognize our classmates from 50 years ago and dodge being one-upped by their success stories along the way.

    We have a problem

    with issues

  • Spring production at dinner theatre almost here

    Jim Waddell, our dinner theatre chair, happily advises us that all decorative and menu preparations have been completed for our spring production of “Cocktails with Mimi” on April 2 at Palm Grove.

    Della Blanchard, our dinner theatre house manager, will accept all calls for dinner theatre reservations.

    The $30 per person charge includes dinner, show and three bottles of wine per round table of eight.

    Call Della at 237-6474.

    The cut-off date for dinner theatre only is March 24.

  • Director Bader steps down from Flamingo Club shows

    Hello Readers: The Flamingo Club Variety Show played to a sell-out crowd. The performers brought back the fabulous ‘50s in song and music, songs like AT THE HOP, Blueberry Hill, The Great Pretender, April Love, This Old House, That’ll Be The Day, Tammy and many more. The 90 minute show started off with Tequila and ended with a blast from the past!

  • That big garage sale is just around the corner

    The Spruce Creek Preserve “Open to the Public” Yard Sale on S. R. 200, three miles SW of C.R. 484 is slated for Saturday, March 28 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the Community Center parking lot.

    Our Preserve Yard Sale space rental procedure proved very successful, indicating that many enthusiastic Preservists are planning to participate in this popular yearly event.

  • Music, meditation, mastering possibilities all in our community

    We go through many changes all our lives. Some circumstances leading up to them are wonderful and bring great joys. Then there are the others that provoke feelings of fear or pain. They can be physical or emotional or a mix of both.

  • Springing forward with the 100th column

    Today is the first day of spring. We look forward to trees budding, flowers blooming, and weather becoming more normal. Hopefully, the winter with its up and down temperatures from unusual lows to periods of unseasonable warm days, has really ended.

    With a spring in our step we travel down Pun Alley for some seasonal tales.

    Spring Sing

  • Clowning around to benefit children

    On Sunday, March 15, D’Clowns are participating in a fundraiser variety show at 3 p.m. in the H and R ballroom. It is for Covenant Children’s Home. This residence will provide a safe haven for children who are orphaned, abandoned or abused.

    Also performing will be wonderful entertainment featuring the best of OTOW entertainers. Admission is free but a donation to Covenant would be helpful. To learn more, visit www.covenantchildrenshome.org.

    Concert for Hospice