Music, meditation, mastering possibilities all in our community

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By June Roberta

We go through many changes all our lives. Some circumstances leading up to them are wonderful and bring great joys. Then there are the others that provoke feelings of fear or pain. They can be physical or emotional or a mix of both.

It’s important not to resist change but view it as an opportunity to grow. Most change is the result of our own choices.  What we think and what we do help to shape these changes. We make choices minute to minute. Some lead us on to a pleasurable existence. When we make poor choices, they can be rectified with a bit of work. They are also the ones that enable us to do the most growing.

Some of our choices change the lives of those closest to us. Let’s hope they are not only good for us but are not detrimental to others.

Kiwanis Sidewalk Sale

In case you missed this last week, here’s another reminder. Kiwanis Sidewalk Sale will be on April 25 at Park Avenue Bank. Merchandise donations would be appreciated. Funds are used for community projects. Call Stan at 873-3433.

Master the Possibilities

Next week wraps up classes for the winter season at the Master the Possibilities Education Center. They are going out in style. The main lobby will become a wonderful Bonsai Forest. In association with the Marion Bonsai Society, the second annual exhibit brings you an outstanding display, introductory presentations, demonstrations and a workshop. You won’t want to miss the opportunity to see and learn about this unique art form. The exhibit runs March 24 through March 28. It is free and open to the public.

The next Master the Possibilities catalog for April, May and June is set to be published March 26. You can pick one up at the center (8415 S.W. 80th St.) or go online at masterthepossilities.com This catalog has about 125 classes, lectures and presentations. They strive to be the leader in lifelong learning…and they are right here on your side of town.


On March 9, a class was given by Dr. Randall LaKosky. There were so many interested people that it was moved to larger quarters. The topic was Meditation: A Life Enhancing Practice.

There was a two-page handout from the book, Happy for No Reason by Marci Shimoff. Some of the happiness habits: Take ownership of your happiness, don’t believe everything you think, let love lead, plug yourself into spirit, and much more.

Meditation is one way to get yourself out of this world. It brings down cholesterol and blood pressure. It’s a good way to deal with stress. Meditation makes you single point – doing one thing at a time instead of ten. The best time to meditate is in the morning. Meditate on the back of your throat if you want to lose weight. Never heard this idea before.

Some books that might help: The Third Jesus by Chopra, Real Meditation in Minutes a day by Joseph Arpaia and Lobsani Razzan, The Relaxation Response by Herbert Benson, MD.

Benefit concert scheduled

“Music of Our Time” is an appropriate title for the upcoming benefit concert featuring Carol Slimm and Tony Donato.

These talented performers have searched their music libraries and found some wonderful vocals that you will remember and enjoy.

Just a few of the composers you will hear are Victor Herbert, Jerome Kern, Mitch Leigh, Alex North, Richard Rogers, and Sigmund Romberg.

In addition to solos, Carol and Tony will join together for several romantic duets which promise to be crowd pleasers.

Piano accompaniment for the program will be by Jean Muncy; Bob Wroblewski will serve as announcer. Sound and lights for the event will be provided by Porky Schopf and his crew.

This benefit concert will take place at the H & R Ballroom on Sunday afternoon, March 22, at 3 p.m. Admission is free and all donations will go to Hospice.

Ein deutsches Requiem

On Sunday, March 28, at 3 p.m., The Central Florida Master Choir will perform the magnificent choral work by Johannes Brahms in German at Countryside Presbyterian Church. Seven residents from On Top of the World are among the 50 singers under the direction of Dr. Harold W. McSwain, Jr. Previous director Dr. John T. Lowe, Jr., will play the organ. A free will offering is appreciated. For further information, please call Margitta at 873-0731.

New England Club

New England Club met in March for a shared potluck dinner and theme of St. Patricks Day – Green all the way and prizes. The April meeting of the New England Club will be on April 10 at the Golden Corral Restaurant at 1 p.m. — note the time difference — 1 p.m. This is our final meeting of the year — see you next October.

Highlighted this month are Charley and Libby, known as the newlyweds. They are from Glastonbury, Conn. and were married in Massachusetts with lots of friends and family nearby. She met Charlie way back when, doing square dancing. After many years he came looking for her and you know what happened. They enjoy the computer, travel, and genealogy. They are checking out Florida first, with a trip to Fort Myers Beach. They have four kids, and four grandchildren. Libby has lived here for 15 years and I think she is enjoying showing Charlie around.

Submitted by Deborah Partin

Brooklyn Queens

Long Island Club

This club just had their second meeting with a very nice turnout. It’s a fun group and not run at all like the other clubs at OTOW. Dues for the year will be $5 and the year is from January through December. The club meets the same time as bingo. Why not spend three weeks playing bingo and the fourth at this club. You will be glad you did. All those born or living there at any time can join this club.

Singles Club

The room was decorated in green to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day a week early. Several members were dressed for the occasion. The goodies waiting to be devoured were green and white. Everyone was given green beads to wear.

Two speakers from the Ocala Wildlife Sanctuary came with one of their owls in a cage. All members were told to bring paper goods as a donation which they did.

It costs $10,000 a year to care for the animals and birds in their care. They specialize in bird rescue and rehab of owls. They are now taking care of a goose that used to guide a blind horse. Someone cut off a wing and her beak. When she could no longer help the horse, it was put down.

This organization needs donations of all kinds plus hands-on help. For those interested, the e-mail address is Owls-Ocalainc@hotmail.com. The Web site is www.Owls-Ocalainc.org  For those without a computer, the cell phone # is (352) 895-0451 and the Pager for Rescues is (352) 402-3894

And this too shall pass …

June Roberta is retired and lives in OTOW. She enjoyed a diverse career, including being a legal secretary to a theatrical attorney on Madison Avenue. Call her at 237-9208, or e-mail OTOW news to her at solitude-won@juneroberta.com, with community news. Deadline is a week prior to Friday publication.