Letters to the editor 5-30-2014

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When states’ rights die, America dies
Regardless of political party, how can any American not be disgusted to see a federal judge have the power to override the expressed will of the citizens of the U.S regardless of the issue. One by one, a judge has declared the state’s stance on marriage as solely being between one man and one woman unconstitutional. This is done despite the votes of the citizens declaring they agree with God’s definition of marriage. This definition of marriage goes back to biblical times and has never been questioned until these people have been put into Judgeships.
If there was a question about this, why didn’t our forefathers express their concerns about it? Marriage between a man and a woman has never been seriously questioned throughout our history, until now.
I have no problem with a person’s right to love whoever they choose, however I do have a problem with homosexuals or any other’s attempts to force their beliefs on the rest of us. In the name of political correctness and tolerance, we are to discard our beliefs and accept these views, even though they go against the expressed will of the vast majority of Americans and God’s. This is clearly expressed in the Scripture. God is the real and final Judge, and he is the one we should be striving to obey by studying his word and trying to live by it. It’s obvious these Judges haven’t.
I would love to see these states take a stand for state’s rights and say no, we are not going against the votes of our people on this or any other issue, period! Several states should join together in this defiance, and other states should support their stance. There is no question our federal government is overstepping their rights and powers as granted by our Constitution and the states better start taking the power back. If states do not take a stand soon, our form of government will collapse and it’s not a question of if, but when!
Liberal Judges need to study our history and learn to respect the individual states and stop trying to change us into something we’re not.
Our country is more divided than I have seen in my lifetime so perhaps the only way we can survive as one nation is for all of us to fully recognize the state’s rights and beliefs. If an individual doesn’t agree with the state, simply move to another that has your value system. If you want gay marriage for example, move to a state that recognizes them. We better solve this and other serious issues that divide our great nation before it’s too late. States taking their powers back may be our best solution.
I pray that God will not remove his blessing from America, we won’t survive without it.
Wayne Rackley

Whoopi and hate
Whoopi Goldberg just lit into and dissed Ben Carson, a black presidential hopeful. Her bile runneth over against the man, because he is not a raving liberal. He is a common sense candidate, and (the biggie) not a politician.
The Democratic Party is the party of hate. It took eight and a half decades for people to tell me to my face that they “hate me,” and they do not want to speak or listen to me, dialog, and discussion are out of the question, and I should “shut up.” Trying to quote from the five books I read last week holds no weight with useful idiots. They know it all, even though they have never cracked a book. Books are available for a reason. When you read everything from extreme left to right, and middle, you just might learn a thing or two.
Does Whoopi not realize how much she has achieved under this unfair system? What more does she want? Only Oprah has eclipsed her in fame, and money. She has reaped the benefits of this unfair system for decades. Only in America could she have enjoyed that level of success. When is enough, enough?
I am discriminated against. I want her fame and fortune handed to me. My I.Q exceeds hers, the president’s, and the first lady’s. Why them? Why not me? I do not whine, whine, whine. I enjoy life, and do not spend my time looking for reasons to hate. Life is not perfect. We do the best we can, and in America we are to be left alone doing it. Reap what you sow, not what the government sows. Where is that redress department of the government, I hear so much about? We have all had hard patches in our lives. We want our redress, too. My father sat, and cried when he could not buy food for us to eat. I am still here. Life is not easy or fair. We all want an easy path. Life does not work like that.
Granted some find ways to milk, and distort the system. But that must be addressed, and corrected.
It is government meddling that makes things even more unfair. Get the government out of the way, with its meddlesome laws and regulations, and let the people soar. We can do it. A few do-gooders will have to go as well. Let common sense and fairness prevail.
I think it would be entirely fair if I were to replace Whoopi on her television show. She has had it long enough, my turn.
What should I do the next time a liberal says they “hate me?”
And they refuse to crack a book? Or listen to a word, and begin their mantra chant. The chants replace common sense, and dialog. Is that a recipe for solutions? Help me I need a snappy comeback!
D.I. Larson