Baseball suspensions

There's a different way to look at the way Major League Baseball is dealing with the suspension of players. It has strung out the decision for so long that speculation is running wild, and that's not fair to innocent players or their teams.

Baseball has known about this for a while. Couldn't it have handed down the suspensions early this week, before the trade deadline, to give teams a chance to replenish their rosters if key players are sitting down for 50 or 100 games? This is unfair to the teams and, ultimately, to the fans.

At the trade deadline, some teams traded "on spec," to have themselves covered in case a star fades into oblivion thanks to baseball's proscrastination. But there are so many players who "could" be named, that it was impossible for every team to stock up.

Every day, a new "breaking story" is seen on the Internet and on TV. None of it, however, is really breaking, and the only real news will come when MLB finally makes a decision.

Until then, let's back off the coverage, and the speculation, for the good of the game and the sanity of the fans.